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Icons Outer Rings[]

The outer ring on each power icon has a specific meaning, detailing the what the power targets and has effect on. An example icon is given on the left.

Archery ConeArrow Cones
An icon with a solid third of a circle across the top will affect friends or foes in a cone radiating toward the target.
Archery Aim Player Only
If there is no outer ring, the power only affects the player using it. Example: Image:Archery Aim.png
BattleAxe WhirlingAxe Point Blank Area of Effect
A solid ring indicates that the power will radiate out from the player, affected all friends or foes within range, depending upon the power.
Archery FlamingArrow Single Target
If the Icon has a solid notch in the upper and lower left, and upper and lower right sections of the outer ring, then the power only affects a single target. Some powers will only affect a friend, while others will only affect a foe.
DarkMiasma DarkServant Summons or Drops
Icons with a small solid section at the bottom, encompassed on each side with a very small solid section, indicates a power which will summon a pet or power in the spot targeted.
Archery RainofArrows Summons or Drops, Area of Effect
Icons with a small solid section at the bottom, encompassed on each side with a very small solid section, and have the rest of the ring solid, are powers that summon a power which affects an area on the spot targeted.
Archery ExplodingArrow Targeted Area of Effect
If the Icon has a full circle, with notches like a Single Target icon, then the power will affect the target of the power, as well as an area around the target.
Flight GroupFly Teammates
If the icon has eight solid parts, then the power will affect all teammates within range. This differs from a Point Blank Area of Effect, in that a Point Blank power will affect all friendly types within range, whether they are on your team or not. A Teammate only power will not affect near by friendlies, just teammates.

Miscellaneous Icons[]

BA Atlas Medallions Miscellanous Icons
Accolades do not seem to follow the rules about targeting, and are included here. Also, base icons and zone icons, as well as some truly miscellaneous icons are in this category.