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Deposed ruler of Cimerora
Zone Cimerora
Coordinates (-1140, 102, 4592.5)
Level Range 35-50
Introduced by Ashley McKnight
Introduces None
Enemy groups Badge cimerorans defeated.png Cimeroran Traitors

Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column
Badge villain nictus.png Nictus

Imperious is a City of Heroes contact located in Cimerora at coordinates (-1140, 102, 4592.5). He is a task force contact. He is also the hero that can be found in the Retake the City mission in the Imperious Task Force as an ally. (Levels 35-50)



Deposed ruler of Cimerora

Imperious was once the ruler of the seaside kingdom of Cimerora, until he was ousted by a splinter group of his own men. The traitors allied with an unknown force who granted them power beyond their imagination. Now, Imperious has taken over a small area of his once proud land and attempts to thwart this unknown force and return the kingdom to its rightful owner… himself.

Initial Contact[]

The quest that I have for you requires a much larger party than you currently have.

Come back to me when you have a total of six heroes or villains in your group.

Ally Description[]

Born from both god and man, Imperious commands the forces of Justice against the armies of darkness. His Pantheon of heroes fight at his side without question. He is truly the leader of these people and the visionary of the future.

Task Force[]

See Imperious Task Force


  • Imperious is the Cimeroran version of Statesman, even sporting a similar looking helmet and powers.