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Downloadable in-game maps are available so that a player does not have to switch back and forth between the Game Client and an external application to view maps containing common locations that a player may wish to visit.

They operate by putting alternate map files into an add-on directory and displaying them instead of NCSoft's provided maps. The new maps include helpful guides such as badge locations and mob levels.

Downloadable Map Files[]

Important Notes: Please Read[]

  • The map patch does not modify any game files in any way! It can be undone at any time.
  • Updates and other changes may come at the whim of the developers at any time. If stuff moves around, don't cry, just check back in and see if there is an updated version of the map patch.

How to Install[]

Map patches are offered with two installation options: executable and manual.

  1. Executable Installer: a typical setup app downloads to your desktop. Open it and click the "Next" button in the usual manner.
  2. Manual installation: Save the downloaded .texture files into the directory:
 (Installation Folder)\data\texture_library\V_MAPS\Static

How to Uninstall[]

  1. If you used an installer app, check the Add/Remove Programs control panel and/or the Start menu Program list for the uninstall utility.
  2. If you installed the files manually, simply delete the .texture files. If these are the only files in the folder, you may delete its container folder as well. If there are no other files in the data subfolder of the installation folder, you may safely delete the entire data subfolder.