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Incarnate powersets are available to level 50 characters on current VIP accounts.

Incarnate powers differ from other powers in that they must be crafted and equipped to an unlocked slot. One power from each incarnate powerset may be equipped at a time.


NPC incarnates are humans who have drunk from the Fountain of Zeus at the Well of the Furies, empowering them with the powers of the gods themselves. As such, they are substantially more powerful than most other superbeings.

Currently, at most five characters in the game have Incarnate powers:

  • Statesman (Marcus Cole), and his Praetorian counterpart Tyrant, gained the Incarnate powers of Zeus.[1]
  • Lord Recluse (Stefan Richter) gained the Incarnate powers of Tartarus.[2]
  • According to the Lore of S'silur, an unknown pregnant woman is said to have gained the powers of the Gorgon Stheno, sister of Medusa, and her progeny are the Snakes.[3]
  • Trapdoor received great Teleportation powers from the Well, although no detail about his origin exists.[4]
  • Imperious is said to be an Incarnate, by Ashley McKnight when she sends you to meet him in Cimerora. Incarnate is said to be an Origin that has not been completely absent for quite some time.
  • Madame Bellerose is a villain, found in Dark Astoria, that commands darkness who recently became an Incarnate.

Player characters have obtained powers from the well gradually and indirectly.


Issue 19: Alpha Strike added the Alpha powerset.

Issue 20: Incarnates added the Judgment, Interface, Lore, and Destiny powersets.

Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie added the Hybrid powerset.