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Incarnate salvage is used for crafting incarnate abilities.

Basic incarnate salvage[]

Basic incarnate salvage is obtained from content that is not specific to incarnate characters, such as task forces and weekly strike targets. It is used to craft Alpha incarnate powers only.

Common basic incarnate salvage[]

Uncommon basic incarnate salvage[]

Rare basic incarnate salvage[]

Very rare basic incarnate salvage[]

Advanced incarnate salvage[]

Advanced incarnate salvage is obtained from incarnate specific content, that is, Dark Astoria and incarnate trials, except inside incarnate trial hospitals. It is used to craft all types of incarnate powers, including Alpha.

Common advanced incarnate salvage[]

  • Incarnate Thread Incarnate Thread
  • Arcane Cantrip Arcane Cantrip
  • Biomorphic Goo Biomorphic Goo
  • Detailed Reports Detailed Reports
  • Enchanted Sand Enchanted Sand
  • Genomic Analysis Genomic Analysis
  • Meditation Techniques Meditation Techniques
  • Nanotech Growth Medium Nanotech Growth Medium
  • Supercharged Capacitor Supercharged Capacitor

Uncommon advanced incarnate salvage[]

  • Cytolitic Infusion Cytolitic Infusion
  • Dimensional Pocket Dimensional Pocket
  • Gluon Compound Gluon Compound
  • Worn Spellbook Worn Spellbook

Rare advanced incarnate salvage[]

  • Ancient Texts Ancient Texts
  • Exotic Isotope Exotic Isotope
  • Semi-Conscious Energy Semi-Conscious Energy
  • Superconductive Membrane Superconductive Membrane

Very rare advanced incarnate salvage[]

  • Forbidden Technique Forbidden Technique
  • Living Relic Living Relic
  • Self Evolving Alloy Self Evolving Alloy
  • Thaumic Resonator Thaumic Resonator

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