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Independence Port
Map IndependencePort.jpg

Hero City Zone (22-29)

Trainers: Aurora Borealis
TF Contacts: Jane Hallaway (Respec),
Penelope Yin,
Ms. Liberty
Events: Ghost Ship, Lusca
Exploration Badges: Crey Havoc, Valorous, Vigorous
Plaques: Authority IIIII, Historian II, Researcher III
Enemies: Council, Devouring Earth, Family, Tsoo
Connecting Zones: Brickstown, Croatoa, Founders' Falls, Kings Row, Skyway City, Striga Isle, Steel Canyon, Talos Island, Terra Volta
Transits: Green Line
Independence Port at



Task Force Contacts[]


Police Band Contacts[]

Regular Contacts[]

Notable NPCs[]

Zone Events[]

  • Lusca the Octopus, can spawn in Justice Quay, near the Brickstown gate, or in Liberty Quay, either west or south of Power Island.
  • The Ghost Ship, Moraine, occasionally travels through the zone.


  • Bell Medical Center
  • Bell Point
  • Crey Cove
  • Industry Pier
  • Justice Quay
  • Liberty Quay
  • Patriot Wharf
  • Power Island
  • Steel Pier
  • Valor Bridge
  • Wave Landing

Exploration Badges[]

Badge tourist 01.png Crey Havoc

Crey had a facility in Independence Port for several years, but an industrial accident has permanently closed it.

Badge tourist 01.png Valorous

The titanic hero Atlas fell at Valor Bridge, protecting the city from invasion.

Badge tourist 01.png Vigorous

Sister Psyche's greatest nemesis was the insane Malaise. When she finally apprehended him, she found a confused soul in search of release. Using her mental powers, she switched Malaise's dual personalities, bringing the benevolent one to dominance. Then she took him under her wing for observation.

Historical Plaques[]


  • Bio Technix (mutation store)
  • Deimos Innovations (science store)
  • Exarch Industries (technology store)
  • Freedom Corps Special Forces (training store)
  • Future Dynamics (natural store)
  • Icon (tailor)
  • Tabitha Fabish (magic store)

Transfer Points[]

Villain Groups[]

Individual Freakshow and Sky Raiders can occasionally be found negotiating with Council or the Family.

Also, Void Hunters can be found intermingled with the various groups.