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The uniques and the loners. Those, human or not, who follow their path by themselves for one reason or another, with no army or gang to support them other than temporarily, be it in the Rogue Isles or in Paragon City.

(Note: This is *not* a faction de per se, but one I have created just to group beings under their own faction, rather than spamming the index with more and more factions)


Doctor Aeon? (Lieutenant)[]

Doctor Aeon?

This younger version of Professor Echo looks strangely familiar.


Niles Worthington (Boss)[]

Niles Worthington

Whatever his reasons, Niles Worthington has betrayed the Vendetti family to the Council, their most hatred enemies. In return, the Vendettis have put quite a price on his head.


Trapdoor (Boss)[]


Main Article: Trapdoor

Trapdoor is an escapee from an Arachnos laboratory. Trapdoor possesses teleport capabilities and so is difficult to take down.


Charlie Biggs (Boss)[]

Charlie Biggs

Main Article: Charlie Biggs

Charlie Biggs is the new exterminator on the block and a rival to Terrence Dobbs. This town ain't big enough for the both of them!


Professor Echo (Elite Boss)[]

Professor Echo

Main Article: Professor Echo

Professor Echo has been a thorn in Doctor Aeon's side for some time. No one knows where he came from or what his purpose is, but only that he's determined to thwart Dr. Aeon at every turn.


Malaise (Archvillain)[]

It seems that Azuria's spell to return Sister Psyche to her own body has had unexpected effects. Sister Psyche's mental hold over her protegee, Malaise, has been broken. Malaise is a villain once more!


Miss Liberty (Hero)[]

Miss Liberty

Main Article: Miss Liberty

Daughter to the well known Statesman, Miss Liberty grew up around some of the greatest heroes mankind has ever seen. It is no surprise that she grew up to be one herself. Inheriting the sacred girdle from her mother and the superhuman abilities of the gods from her father, Miss Liberty is a force for justice and equality across America.


Sally (Monster)[]

The Lake Salamanca Monster

The Lake Salamanca monster, or Sally as she is sometimes called, is generally believed to be a myth. Though many insist that they have seen her, the world at large remains unconvinced.


Defeating Sally twice earns the Believer Badge.

Octopus (Giant Monster)[]



Lusca is a giant octopus that threatens the waters of Independence Port. No one is certain how the beast got so large, though some have placed the blame on the polluting tendencies of Crey Technologies.


Defeating Lusca earns the Devilfish Badge.


These wild tentacles protect the giant octopus' head from attack.