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Influence is the currency of City of Heroes, and is earned by a character for completing missions, defeating villains, and selling items. Its name is an abstraction that refers to the fact that your influence with the citizens of Paragon City increases with such actions. See Understanding Influence and Infamy for a brief explanation of how this abstraction is used.

Influence can be used at stores and contacts to buy Inspirations, Enhancements, at Icon tailors to change Costumes, and can be traded, although only to other heroes. It is needed to change the difficulty level for a player's missions. It is also used at the Consignment House to purchase the above items as well as recipes, salvage (both base and invention types) and Invention Origin enhancements. It also is required for the invention system at an invention workbench for purchase of "basic" recipes and spent in the invention process of turning salvage and recipes in to Invention Origin enhancements, Temporary Powers and invented costume pieces.


  • Influence is identical to Infamy in terms of game mechanics.
  • Infamy and Influence cannot be traded, even through Pocket D.
  • Influence can be converted to prestige at the Super Group Registrar at the rate of 1 million inf for 2,000 prestige.
  • Influence is capped at 2 billion. You can earn more, but it won't be recorded and the system will still see it as 2 billion.
  • Infamy and Influence are often referred to simply as Inf, especially as a neutral way of referring to the two currencies interchangeably.