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Invention salvage, along with Recipes, is used to craft new game content added by the Invention System in Issue 9. Invention salvage is acquired by defeating PvE enemies, trading with other players, or buying from the Consignment House.


In all, there are 108 different pieces of invention salvage. Each piece has an origin, a level bracket, and a rarity, and there are six different pieces in each possible combination of these categories.

There are two origins: Arcane and Technological. Which origin an enemy might drop depends on its faction. Most enemies will drop only one or the other, although a few can drop either.

There are three level brackets: Low-Level, Mid-Level, and High-Level. Low-Level invention salvage may be dropped by enemies from levels 4-25. Mid-Level salvage may be dropped by enemies level 20-39. High-Level salvage may be dropped by enemies level 35+. Note that these ranges overlap. Enemies in an overlap might drop invention salvage from either valid bracket.

There are three rarities: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The rarity of a piece of salvage is reflected by the color of its title and by the "Invention Salvage Found!" message: white for Common, yellow for Uncommon, orange for Rare. There are standard chances for each rarity to occur.

Drop Rates

Each enemy you defeat has a chance of dropping one piece of invention salvage, provided it is at least level 4 and its con color is green or higher.

  • Underling: never
  • Minion: 8%
  • Lieutenant/Sniper: 10.64%
  • Boss/Elite Boss: 25%
  • Archvillain: either never or 43.22%, depending on the AV

The chance of a drop depends entirely on the critter's Rank. Higher-level enemies do not drop salvage more often. Teams also do not directly increase the chance that each enemy might drop invention salvage, although they indirectly increase the total amount of invention salvage found by causing more, and higher-ranked, enemies to spawn. However, this increase is offset by the fact that each enemy will still drop at most one piece of invention salvage, total, which is awarded to a random team member.

For each drop, the Common:Uncommon:Rare ratio is 22:5:1:

  • Common: 22 in 28 chance (78.57%)
  • Uncommon: 5 in 28 chance (17.86%)
  • Rare: 1 in 28 chance (3.57%)

Enemy Origins

Enemies and enemy groups that will drop Arcane salvage only: Banished Pantheon, Bat'Zul, Black Swan, Cabal, Cap au Diable Demons, Carnival of Shadows, Cimeroran Traitors, Circle of Thorns, Coralax, Diabolique, Fir Bolg, Ghosts, Hellions, Infernal, Lanaruu, Legacy Chain, Luddites, Midnight Squad, Minions of Igneous, Mother Mayhem, Psychic Clockwork, Red Caps, Rularuu, Shadowhunter, Shadow Shard Reflections, Slag Golems, Snakes, Spectral Pirates, Tsoo, Tuatha de Dannan, Tyrant, Wailers, Warriors, Winter Horde.

Enemies and enemy groups that will drop Technological salvage only: Antimatter, 60's Arachnos, Arachnoids, Battle Maiden, Bobcat, Cage Consortium Guards, Crazed, Crey, Dockworkers, Family, Freakshow, Gold Brickers, Hydra, Infected, Knives of Artemis, Lost, Loyalists, Malaise, Malta, Marauder, Mooks, Nemesis, Neuron, Nictus, Outcasts, Paragon Police Department, Peacebringers, Prisoners, Rikti, Rogue Island Police, Rogue Robots, Scrapyarders, Security Guards, Shivans, Siege, Skulls, Sky Raiders, Spetsnaz Commandos, Thugs, Trolls, Turrets, Vahzilok, Werewolves, Zig.

Enemies and enemy groups that will drop both Arcane and Technological salvage: 5th Column, Arachnos, Axis America, Chimera, Clockwork, Council, Council Empire, Devouring Earth, Dominatrix, generic/mission heroes, generic/mission villains, Longbow, Rogue Arachnos, Vanguard Shield, Vanguard Sword, Vindicators, Void Hunters, WISDOM, Wyvern.

NPC Sale Value

Invention salvage sells for the following influence/infamy values to NPC stores and contacts:

Common: 250 inf
Uncommon: 1000 inf
Rare: 5000 inf


Each character can hold up to a maximum number of total invention salvage pieces in his Invention Salvage tab, and an additional number in his or her Vault Reserve inventory. The total storage capacity of both increases with the character's level. The following badges each give a +2 bonus to your personal invention salvage slots:

Invention Salvage Items

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