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Added in Issue 9, the Invention System allows characters to craft Enhancements, costume pieces, and Temporary Powers using Recipes and new Invention Salvage dropped by defeated foes.

Game developers stated that the long-rumored "Legacy System", which would allow for additional improvements of Level 50 characters, had evolved into the Invention System.[1]

The University Edit

Heroes and Villains use Invention Salvage and Recipes to create items at Invention Worktables that are located in the newly opened Universities. Supergroups may also install an Invention Worktable in their bases.

Heroes can find campuses in Steel Canyon, Croatoa, and Founders' Falls. Villains can find a campus in Cap au Diable. All campuses have many Invention Worktables at which inventions may be created.

A series of tutorial missions for the Invention system can be completed through Admissions Officer Lenk in Steel Canyon's University for Heroes or through Dean John Yu in Cap au Diable's University for Villains. Completing the tutorial awards the Inventor Badge. The character will also receive Salvage and a Recipe to create a level-appropriate Standard Invention Origin Enhancement.

Inventing in General Edit

Inventions are created by combining Salvage, Influence/Infamy and a Recipe at an Invention Worktable.

There are currently four types of Inventions:

Specific Inventions Edit

Enhancements Edit

Main article: Invention Origin Enhancements

The core of the Invention System is the creation of Invention Origin Enhancements.

Costume Pieces Edit

Main article: Invention Made Costumes

A number of animated costume pieces can be created with the system, including various kinds of wings and special boots.

Temporary Powers Edit

Main article: Invention Temporary Powers

There are a small number of temporary powers craftable with the inventions system.

Inspirations Edit

There are currently no Inspirations that can be crafted.

Base Items Edit

Main article: Crafted Base Items

Certain base items can be crafted in a supergroup workshop. They require components which are crafted from base salvage, but not separate recipe items or Inf.

Additionally, Invention salvage can be converted into base components at an Invention Worktable.

Invention System Badges Edit

Many badges can be earned by crafting.

Tutorial Badge Edit

Badge invention tutorial Inventor

You have proven your skills as an Inventor at the University.

Memorization Badges Edit

Main article: Memorization Badges

The recipes for crafting common IOs can be memorized. Memorization allows the crafting of enhancements at half the cost and without the need for a recipe. 45 badges are available for memorization, 36 of which are needed for the Field Crafter Accolade and its Portal Workbench accolade power.

Quantity Badges Edit

Badge inventor lvl 1 Artisan

You have created 50 inventions, proving you are an Artisan.

Badge inventor lvl 2 Master Artisan

You have created 100 inventions, justifying your title of Master Artisan.

Badge inventor lvl 3 Craftsman

You are a true Craftsman, and have created 500 inventions.

Badge inventor lvl 4 Master Craftsman

A Master Craftsman they call you, as you have created 1000 inventions.

Badge inventor lvl 5 Fabricator

Your ingenuity knows no bounds, and after 10,000 inventions you are now a Fabricator.

Field Crafter Accolade Edit

Badge field crafting Field Crafter

You are truly a crafting specialist, and can now summon a portable crafting station to your location for five minutes once an hour. All nearby characters can use this station.

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