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Jack in Irons

Jack in Irons


Jack in Irons is a Giant Monster that belongs to the Red Caps enemy group.

Heroes can find him in Croatoa, while both heroes and villains can find him in zones above level 20 during recent Halloween Events.

During the Halloween Event 2006 and Halloween Event 2007, Jack has a 10% chance of spawning instead of Eochai in zones above level 20.


Jack In Irons On Throne

Jack in Irons on his throne

Believe it or not, this burly giant is proud of his appearance. He adorns himself with the severed heads of his victims, and he takes great pleasure in the panic these accessories evoke. Jack wandered the spirit plane for centuries until the Red Caps found him and brought him to Croatoa. All in all, he's pleased with his new digs. There are plenty of people to frighten, and that suits him fine.


RedCaps JackInIrons


Badge croatoa giant killer Giant Killer

You have felled the mighty Jack in Irons, earning the title Giant Killer.

Badges Iron Warrior Iron Warrior

You have defeated the Halloween Jack in Irons.

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