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Justine Kelly
Software analyst
Zone Independence Port
Coordinates (-2003, 0, -6844)
Level Range 20-24
Enemy groups Badge villain skyraiders Sky Raiders
Badge villain lost The Lost

Justine Kelly is a City of Heroes contact located in the Bell Point neighborhood of Independence Port at coordinates (-2003, 0, -6844). Justine Kelly is a Science origin contact. Her level range is 20-24.


Contact Introduced By[]

New Contact(s)[]


Software Analyst

Justine Kelly calls herself a software analyst, though most people simply call her a hacker. Justine knows computers like the back of her hand, and she knows they can be valuable tools in fighting crime. In the world of computer crime, she's kind of a hero herself, and more than a few have theorized that she has some subtle super power related to computers. She handles the malicious hackers, software thieves, and other online miscreants herself, but more and more her computer problems have real world implications. That's when she calls in the big guns: any one of a number of heroes she has befriended over the years. She's always eager to pass on a tip or help out a hero. After all, in her own way, she's just like them.

Initial Contact[]

I am really glad to see you. You know why? You've got the body and I've got the brain.


Badge Mission[]

Story Arc[]


Recover the stolen weapons[]


Last week the Sky Raiders hijacked a police transport carrying confiscated weapons. I just got a lead on the base where they're storing their ill-gotten gain. I need you to recover those weapons. Be careful, this base is under the leadership of Officer Sizewski. I hear he's a tough customer.

This could be a good chance to get information on the Sky Raiders and their operations.

Mission Objective(s)

You know that Lt. Judge won't give up the weapons without a fight.

  • Stop Lt. Judge, his squad
    • Find the stolen weapons


Badge villain skyraiders Sky Raiders

Notable NPCs

  • Lt. Judge (Lieutenant)

Icon clue generic
Stolen weapons
The serial numbers on these weapons identify them as the ones stolen from the Paragon City Police Department.

Icon clue generic
Sky Raiders' tactical plans
These concise plans for an upcoming operation detail a number of tactics the Sky Raiders plan to use. All these techniques are described with military precision.

Icon clue generic
Portable hard drive
This small device contains information compiled by Lt. Judge on potential recruits. The potentials include several mercenaries, a few agents from other villain groups, and some military personnel.


I've heard that the Sky Raiders frequently hire themselves out as mercenaries, that's probably why they stole those weapons from the police. It's a good thing you're around to put a crimp in their operations!

Deliver package to Stephanie Peebles[]


Have you ever been to Striga Isle? There's a woman there named Stephanie Peebles who needs our help. She's got all she can do trying to hold Port Noble together against the onslaught of the Council. Will you take this package over to Stephanie? I'd appreciate it if you didn't look inside.

The Council has managed to entrench itself on Striga Isle but good. If you can give Stephanie any assistance against them, I'm sure she'll be grateful. Of course, I hope you won't forget about your old friends here in Paragon City. We'll always be grateful for your help too.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Go see Stephanie Peebles

Icon clue generic
Mysterious package
This package, intended for Stephanie Peebles, has a strange scent. Try as you might, you can't quite place it.

Thanks for the package, I'm grateful. So, what do you think of Port Noble? Doesn't look like much, maybe? Well, it's my home. I've been doing what I can to kick those Council goons out, but I need more help. I'd appreciate it if you could stick around.

Otherwise, you can keep following leads from your other contacts. I'll always be here, and I'll always be grateful for assistance.

See Siren's Call Liaison[]


I don't know if you realized this, but as we speak, Paragon City is under assault. Over in Siren's Call, Lord Recluse and his men are making every effort to get themselves a foothold. If we let them manage it, we'll be in serious trouble. I'd appreciate it if you'd go speak with the Longbow Warzone Liaison over in Steel Canyon. She could use the help of heroes like you.

Siren's Call is a PVP zone, where you may be killed by other players.

The Warzone Liaison can help you get the right contacts in Siren's Call.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Warzone Liaison


If you're ready to take on a real challenge, you can be a big help to Longbow here in Siren's Call. We have to push Arachnos out. If you're willling, you can talk to Agent Brinson. He's got a number of missions that will swing the battle in Longbow's favor. Or you can talk to the Security Chief at the Longbow Base; he can tell you all about bounties.

Siren's Call is a PVP zone. If you enter, you may be killed by other players. Do not enter if you are not willing to risk this.


I hope the Warzone Liaison gave you the info you need to help out in Siren's Call. It would be a shame to lose that zone to Arachnos.

Test the Genetic Restabilizer on the Lost[]


SERAPH came up with some gizmo they want you to test on the Lost. It's called a Genetic Restabilizer, and it should affect the Lost's destabilized gene structure. What do you say? Ready to take on the Lost in the name of science?

I'll never give up hope that we may someday be able to help the Lost.

Temporary Power

The hero will receive the Genetic Restabilizer temporary power.

Temporary GeneticRestabilizer Genetic Restabilizer Ranged, Foe Hold
This device can stop mutations and even begin a reversal of the process in certain cases. The effect, however, can temporarily render a victim helpless and unable to defend himself. The Genetic Restabilizer has 12 charges.

Mission Objective(s)

Here's the Genetic Restabilizer. Be careful out there.

  • Try Genetic Restabilizer on Lost
    • Defeat 20 Lost


Thanks for this data. Maybe now SERAPH will be able to figure out what has happened to make the Lost change so drastically.

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