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On January 8, 2005, user FirePlug posted the following to the CoH forums under the topic, <sigh> Some people don't WANT to play this game:

One of my secondaries (or tertiaries, or quarternaries, or whatever) reached level 9 yesterday. He's an Illusion controller, and I gave him the AE blind power.

I REALLY wanted to try this in a group, but nobody from my SG was on, so I took the chance of clicking the "seek team" button.

I was invited by someone, and immediately saw the group msg "Kill Skuls". I took off across the zone to find the team leader, when I saw someone else enter the team, and the leader again said "Kill Skuls".

He was all the way across the zone, so it took me a minute to get to him. I found him in a secluded lot, pressed up against the wall, just standing there.

I stood behind him for about three minutes. While I waited, I checked the missions, he had two "skul" missions, and seemed to be just standing there watching the numbers drop on them.

Later in the same thread, forum user Spoogey reported encountering a similar situation:

Heh, a similar thing happened to me in PP with a Controller alt that I had. I accepted an invite from a defender after a long wait with my seek team on.

I open up with my typical "Hello". After a long pause I get a "Go. Hunt."

hmm, I think. I'm a controller. Wiping out groups in PP sub-level 15 isn't exactly my forte. But, I figure he'll be firing away as a would-be blaster so I pick a group and start locking them down. After returning from my full on sprint to the Gate Guard bots I ask, "Do you plan on helping?" To which I get a "Yes". Then another "Go. Hunt."

We picked up another hero along the way and I sent him a tell warning that we might have a leecher. "Ok...." is the response. As the new teammate and I spend way too long trying to take down a green group I ask again, "[defender] do you plan on helping?" After another long pause, "yes. they're too low".

This continued for 2-3 more groups before I "had to log".

This thread and these incidents became a running joke within the CoH player community, though the lines "Go. Hunt." and "Kill Skuls" mutated into a single entity. The "Kill Skuls" joke was made somewhat mainstream by Statesman himself in this post, where he utters, "Two Words: Kill Skuls." in a thread about costumes that had degraded into bickering. The joke was further enshrined into the game with the addition of a badge, then with wall graffiti.

Sadly, FirePlug passed away[1] on July 31, 2014 after a battle with esophageal cancer.

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