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Kings Row
Map KingsRow.jpg

Hero City Zone (5-10)

Trainers: Blue Steel
TF Contacts: none
Events: Paladin Construction
Exploration Badges: Keen Sighted, Mystic King, Smokey, Summoned, Upgraded
Plaques: Intellectual IIIIVV, Pupil IIIIV
Enemies: Circle of Thorns, Clockwork, Lost, Skulls, Vahzilok
Connecting Zones: Galaxy City, Independence Port, Pocket D, Sewer Network, Skyway City
Transits: Yellow Line
Kings Row at


Kings Row is an industrial and residential area far past its prime. Most of the buildings date from before the Great Depression, and show it. The citizens of Kings Row mostly work at low-paying manufacturing jobs in old-fashioned factories like the King Garment Works. The living conditions are barely above tenement quality.

In recent years Kings Row has seen some new development, and shows signs of pulling out of its decades-long slump. However, progress is held back by the Skulls, the gang that makes this area its primary turf. Other criminal organizations active in Kings Row include the Vahzilok, the Clockwork, the Circle of Thorns, the Trolls and the Lost. Heroes of security levels 5 through 10 will find plenty of challenges in the back alleys of Kings Row.



Police Band Contacts[]

Regular Contacts[]

Notable NPCs[]

Zone Events[]

Paladin Construction


  • Aqueduct
  • Crowne Memorial
  • Freedom Plaza
  • The Gish
  • High Park
  • Industrial Ave
  • King Garmet Works
  • Royal Refinery

Exploration Badges[]

Badge tourist 01.png Keen Sighted

Manticore, one of the Surviving Eight, was first sighted at this location after keeping to the shadows for months.

Badge tourist 01.png Mystic King

Ley Lines are powerful forces of mystical energy that crisscross the planet. Where they meet is called a nexus, and all magic is stronger for miles around.

Badge tourist 01.png Smokey

King Garment Works dominated the Kings Row economy for years. These smoke stacks were part of their manufacturing facility.

Badge tourist 01.png Summoned

Statesman broke up a ritual by the Circle of Thorn members that would have bolstered their ranks exponentially.

Badge tourist 01.png Upgraded

Kord Technologies makes its home in this building, and Tony Kord frequently uses his personal helicopter to commute to work.

Historical Plaques[]


There are four Superpowered Field Trainers in Kings Row. They each sell level 5-15 Training Enhancements.

  • Two Superpowered Field Trainers in Freedom Plaza, on either side of Blue Steel.
  • Two Superpowered Field Trainers at the Yellow Line, on either side of the ramp.

Transfer Points[]

Villain Groups[]

Individual Hellions and Trolls can occasionally be found dealing with the Skulls.