The following was announced as a known issue after the 2012-07-24 release of Pandora's Box episode 2.

SSA 2.2, Mission 5 - Villain-Side

  • Villains who move away from Fusionette (out of the room in which the battle takes place) cause her to return to an idle state, rendering her an invalid target, thus preventing mission completion.

The following was announced as a known issue on 2012-06-26.

  • We have discovered an issue with the 4 and 8 hour version of the 50% Experience Booster purchased from the Paragon Market not properly applying. Due to this issue, we advise any players currently in possession of these items to please refrain from using them until a fix is implemented in an upcoming patch. As a precaution, we have temporarily removed the 4 and 8 hour 50% Experience Boosters from the Paragon Market. PLEASE NOTE: All 1 hour versions of the 50% Experience Boosters purchased from the Paragon Market continue to function properly.

The following were announced as known issues on 2012-06-01. Strikethrough indicates issues that were addressed in or prior to the 2012-06-26 patch.

Team Up Teleporter / LFG

  • There exists an issue where the Team up Teleporter / LFG Tool is intermittently not working.

Signature Story Arc 1 Episode 1

  • The reward table is not appearing for Villains until the timer finishes.
  • Players can head to the door while the timer counts down. When the timer finishes, they should be able to get the reward window and safely leave without the Freedom Phalanx aggroing them.

Signature Stories, Volume 2: Pandora's Box - Episode 1

  • This episode will not be available immediately upon release of Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie.

Leather and Chainmail Costume Pieces

  • These Costume Pieces will not be available for purchase on the Paragon Market immediately upon release of Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie. However, they are available for VIP Players.

User Interface

  • When switching builds while Panther Stealth Power is active, the UI will display that the power is still active even though it has been shut down. Toggling the power back on will resolve this issue.

Team Up Teleporter / LFG

  • The Sister Psyche Task Force is still listed in the LFG menu even though it has been replaced by the Penelope Yin Task Force.
  • It is currently possible to queue for Clamor and Destruction [Sister Psyche] but the Task Force will not launch.

Missions: Trilogy

  • Mercenary's maximum level is 44, when it should be 54.

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