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Kurse's assault


Kurse is an Archvillain of The Lost. There are evidences that suggest that this being could be once the man known as the villain PsiCurse.

Heroes may fight him:


Many of the leaders of the strange underground society or cult called the Lost exhibit dangerous psychic powers. The Lost leader known as Kurse has refined these powers to a degree rarely seen in human psychics, and has spurned mere physicality for the powers of the mind.


During Keep Fusionette from getting killed:

Before combat: Where is the tape? I must quiet the calling!
Combat start: You are not of us. I will destroy: You!
At 75% Life: Something calls me, and I will find it.
At 50% Life: You understand nothing!
At 25% Life: The memory grows stronger in battle!
Defeated: The calling from the ruins...
it echoes still...
Like a memory...


  • Kurse's The Lost profile for a list of his powers.