Leoknight is an Elite Boss who works for Longbow.

Villains face him in the Take out the underwater Longbow base mission from Operative Vargas. (Levels 20-24)


This massive tanker is the older brother of Longbow agent Caspian. The same Caspian you captured for Vargas. He's angry, he's tough, and beating the villain who caught his little brother is his top priority.


Leoknight will say the following when you fight him:

Before combat: I hope this "VillainName" is tough. If this fight is too quick, I'd almost feel bad.

Combat start: You should know that Caspian is my kid brother.
So yeah, this is gonna be personal.

At 75% life: Huh. I almost felt that.

At 50% life: Is this the best you can do,or are you trying to insult me?

At 25% life: If I'm going out, I'm taking you with me!

Defeated: Brother... I failed you.

After defeating a player: You're so weak, maybe you should go join the Hellions.

See Also

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