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Longbow Special Op
Longbow Special Op
Zone Warburg
Coordinates (-819.5, 6, 1815)
Level Range 30-38
Enemy groups V badge BattleDomeBadge Arachnoids

V badge ArachnosBadge Arachnos

Longbow Special Op is a City of Heroes contact located in Warburg at coordinates (819.5, 6, 1815).

Longbow Special Op gives out the details of the Missile Launch Mission to heroes. It is not necessary to speak with Longbow Special Op to do the missile launch mission, but he will give the following briefing.

Mission Briefing[]

Good thing you're here. Marshal Blitz, one of Lord Recluse's men has gone rogue and his men with him. Turns out Arachnos has been working on a couple of secret weapons here: Arachnoids - monstrous spider-men running amok out there - and the Warburg Rocket. The rocket is what we care about most, but we can't take it out just yet.

That gives you an opportunity, hero. The rocket is designed to hover in space and deliver a targeted micro-strike when called. This should give you a significant edge in your fights against Arachnos' villains. I hear they're really useful when you have to take out one of your rivals' bases.

You'll need the codes for the launch key. Those are in the hands of Blitz's scientists, down in the Web beneath the city - but everything has gone haywire down there. They might even be grateful if you rescue them. At any rate, I'm sure you can convince them to surrender their codes.

Are you up to it, hero?

Of course. Whatever I can do to help Paragon City.

That's the spirit! Go get them.

Better give me all the details

Sorry I wasn't clear before. I want you to find the scientists and get the codes needed to control a missile strike. Go into the Web - I hear it's underground here somewhere - and find one of the Aracnos scientists. He'll tell you what to do next.