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Lovely Linda
Lovely Linda
Face Tailor
Zone St. Martial
Coordinates (-4302, -38, 987)
Level Range 40-50
Introduced by None
Introduces None
Enemy groups Badge villain carnival Carnival of Shadows

Lovely Linda is a City of Villains contact located in the Jackpot neighborhood of St. Martial at coordinates (-4302, -38, 987). Lovely Linda is a Tailor contact. Her level range is 40-50.


Contact Introduced By[]

  • None, Lovely Linda becomes a contact when a character reaches level 40.

New Contact(s)[]

  • None


Face Tailor

Lovely Linda is the most talented of the Facemaker's minions. She deals only with the most elite of Lord Recluse's destined ones.

Initial Contact[]

Greetings! Lovely Linda at your service!


Lovely Linda sells no items, but may be used to change a character's costume.


Stop Carnival Harassment[]


The Carnival of Shadows certainly are a petulant lot! All I did was suggest a change from their 'nouveaux-Carnival-chic' look and I've gotten no end of trouble since! They're constantly harassing any of the customers who come here to our exclusive St. Martial location. This just won't do! Convince the Carnival to take their harassment elsewhere!

Tell those Carnival trolls their outfits are SO yesterday!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Stop Carnival harassment
    • Defeat 30 Carnies

You've stopped the Carnival harassment!


Badge villain carnival Carnival of Shadows


Bravo! I get so tired of their oh-so-bright outfits running around here! Now, let's start on your new look!

Shall we get to work?

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