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A year of service is recognized by the government of Paragon City.
A year has passed, and your powers are still growing.

How to Get

Have an account active for twelve or more months.


Earning the Loyal badge rewards all characters on the account with Pre-Order Sprints: Prestige Power Dash, Prestige Power Quick, Prestige Power Rush, and Prestige Power Surge will all be available to use, 1 Free Character Slot Per account, Temporary Power: CHOICE: Permanent Ghost Slaying Axe or Permanent Sands of Mu, Base Item: Weapon Displays: Arachnos Guns, Arachnos Mace (Floor), Arachnos Mace (Wall), Circle of Thorns Weapons, Gun Rack 1, Gun Rack 2, Jack-in-Irons' Club, Longbow Weapon, Mallet, Nemesis Rifle, Rikti Rifle, and Sci-Fi Rifle.

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