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Luminary is a hero trainer in Talos Island in the New Troy section located just outside the Green Line monorail station at coordinates (-1100, 160, 7382). Her location is marked on the map as a contact.



The current Luminary is an android built by Positron to replace the original Luminary who retired in 1995. Far from being a cold machine, Luminary has developed a strong personality under the watchful gaze of the android Citadel of the Freedom Phalanx. Armed with powerful energy blasts, Luminary has become a shining example of heroism and progress for Paragon City.


The original Luminary is Kit Rafter. He retired from the Freedom Phalanx in 1995 to become the spokesperson for Hero Corps. At his wedding, Positron presented Kit and his new wife Jeanette with the ultimate wedding present: a new android modeled after Jeanette with powers similar to Kit's. This next-generation heroine was the new Luminary, carrying on Kit's fine tradition under the watchful eye of Citadel. Her systems were all more advanced than Citadel's, making her the state of the art in android technology.

The new Luminary has recently shown signs of developing a strong personality. It has caused Positron some concern that it seems similar to Jeanette's. He has performed many tests on her but has not determined the cause.

Character Stats[]

Secret Identity: None
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Powers: Energy Blast
Secondary Powers: Energy Melee
Other Powers: Flight, Energy Manipulation, and EM Pulse

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