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Madame Bellerose

Bellerose is a mysterious Incarnate belonging to no faction.

Heroes and Villains can find her in

  • Those Who Have Fought from Heather Townshend (Levels 50-54)
  • The Life of David Hanzen from Dream Doctor (Levels 50-54)


Bellerose is a villain that uses Darkness Control to fight you while she is under the control of Mot. If you rescue her in Heather Townshend's arc, you can find her in later missions.


Madame Bellerose is a villain whose exploits are infamous in Europe. She has the ability to utilize dark energies for her own use. It is believed that she recently ascended to become an Incarnate.


  • Madame Bellerose, as you fight her, ascends in Incarnate power ending at level 50+2.