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These are the magic salvage items you can collect

Magic Salvage Items[]


Salvage Amulet

Arcane Salvage

The runes around this stone make it a powerful source of protection against dark magic.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Mystic Element, Mystic Foci, Arcane Glyph.

Ancient Weapon[]

Salvage AncientWeapon

Warriors Salvage

This dagger glows with a sickly light. Few of the weapons the Warriors wield are magical, but the gang has been accused of spreading cursed relics throughout Paragon City. This blade could be one such item.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Arcane Essence, Arcane Glyph.

Arcane Powder[]

Salvage ArcanePowder

Tsoo Salvage

This fine powder is used in the creation of the tattoos that adorn the Tsoo's Yellow Ink Men. These tattoos give them enhanced mental powers, allowing them to dominate their foes.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Mystic Element, Mystic Foci, Magical Ward.

Astrology Book[]

Salvage AstrologyBook

Special Salvage

This tome, penned in the early sixth century, insists that insight and understanding of the world can be found in the stars.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Seer Desk, Viewing Portal.


Salvage Bracer

Warriors Salvage

From the runes, it seems clear that this bracer has magical properites. It is not known where the Warriors get their steady supply of illegal artifacts, but some have theorized that it is at the hands of a demon.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Mystic Element, Mystic Foci, Arcane Glyph.

Broken Mask[]

Salvage BrokenMask

Banished Pantheon Salvage

At the moment, this ritual mask is small enough to fit in your hands. When animated by a member of the Banished Pantheon, such masks become greatly enlarged, and glow with an unearthly light.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Magical Artifact, Magical Ward.


Salvage Charms

Circle of Thorns Salvage

The ancient symbol on this charm is one of protection, often pictured on relics from the Oranbegan era.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Mystic Element.


Salvage Claw

Wailers Salvage

This Walier claw is sharp and tinged a sickly red color, as though it has been used to slice through flesh.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Mystic Element, Mystic Foci, Arcane Essence, Arcane Glyph.


Salvage Coins

Red Cap Salvage

Who mints the bizarre coins of the Red Caps? What sinister council ordains their creation?

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Mystic Element, Mystic Foci.

Crystal Codex Fragments[]

Salvage CrystalCodexFragments

Arcane Salvage

It is said the Crystal Codex was written in the language of the gods. Indeed, the shards seem capable of trapping immense power within them.

This salvage does not appear to be used to create any components or base items.

Crystal Skull[]

Salvage CrystalSkull

Skull Salvage

Somehow this artifact takes power from the spirits of the dead and channels it into the Skulls' dark attacks.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Mystic Element, Mystic Foci.

Demon Heart[]

Salvage DaemonHeart

Special Salvage

Torn from the breast of a foul creature, this still reeks with vile steam. Powerful mystics agree that there are only two final ways of eliminating a demon: ripping out its heart, or learning its true name.

This salvage does not appear to be used to create any components or base items.


Salvage Demonlogica

Arcane Salvage

It is well known within the mystic community that the author of this book lost his mind just after completing it.

Dread Tramalian[]

Salvage DreadTramalian

Legacy Chain Salvage

Rings such as these are passed down through the Legacy Chain, from father to son. They are half ward, half heirloom.


Salvage Ectoplasm

Arcane Salvage

Some call it 'ectoplasm.' Others call it 'spectral blood.' Whatever the case, the properties of this rare ooze have only begun to be discovered.

Ectoplasmic Residue[]

Salvage EctoplasmicResidue

Arcane Salvage

Wherever ghosts appear, this residue is left behind. It has been put to all manner of uses, including contacting the dead.

Elemental Manual[]

Salvage ElementalManual

Legacy Chain Salvage

Tomes like these are commonly found among the Legacy Chain. They contain a mishmash of spells and diary entries dating centuries back.


Salvage Etherium

Arcane Salvage

Soft as cloth, this woven metal shimmers with a strange glow. It is almost as though it comes from another world entirely.


Salvage Fetish

Banished Pantheon Salvage

It doesn't make sense that a simple stick like this could have the power to blur the barrier between the spirit world and this one, allowing the dark powers of the Banished Pantheon to bleed through. It doesn't make sense, but it's true.

Fir Bolg Hand[]

Salvage PumpkinShard

Fir Bolg Salvage

Detached from the Fir Bolg, these twisted vines have lost all semblance of life.

Fir Bolg Straw[]

Salvage FirBolgStraw

Fir Bolg Salvage

Scarecrows walking and talking? Balderdash! It's just straw, right?

Ghost Trinket[]

Salvage GhostTrinket

Ghost Salvage

Small possessions of the spirits sometimes manifest and drop into the physical world. Studying these transmogrified relics often yields fascinating results.


Salvage Glittershrooms

Tuatha Salvage

These once-normal mushrooms became enchanted when accidentally caught in a Tuatha's spell. Their properties are varied, but always yield fascinating results to those who know how to study them.


Salvage Hex

Hellion Salvage

Though largely unschooled in the ways of magic, the Hellions have deciphered a few symbols of power. Their ignorance of the craft makes their use of such symbols all the more dangerous.


Salvage Magma

Igneous Salvage

This molten rock crackles and hisses with energy. No matter how long you carry it, it never cools.

Necklace of Teeth[]

Salvage NecklaceOfTeeth

Banished Pantheon Salvage

This necklace is made of human teeth. You don't want to know where or how the Shamans got them.


Salvage Orichalcum

Circle of Thorns Salvage

This is a crystal used in ancient times. Engineers cannot account for its unusual strength, which is believed by some to be mystically enhanced.

Phantom Tears[]

Salvage PhantomTears

Ghost Salvage

The teardrop of a ghost! Deep emotion is often what ties ghosts to this world.


Salvage Potions

Arcane Salvage

Potions such as these are very dangerous if you don't know what they do. Of course, for some groups like the Carnival, the choas is part of the fun.


Salvage Pumice

Igneous Salvage

This chunk of rock is surprisingly light. That could explain why the Pumicites move with such frightening speed.

Pumpkin Bomb[]

Salvage PumpkinBomb

Fir Bolg Salvage

Like so much in Croatoa, these pumpkins are not what they first appear. Transformed by the Fir Bolg's magic, these explosive squash pack a real punch.

Red Cap Pouch[]

Salvage RedcapPouch

Red Caps Salvage

Curious rocks, leaves and powders fill this small pouch, but what is most disturbing are the hard little shards of white bone. Red Caps have been known throughout history as brutal creatures, and you have to wonder who those bones once belonged to.


Salvage Ring

Circle of Thorns Salvage

Rings are often said to be sources of power. Those carried by the Circle of Thorns usually bear sigils intended to bind ghostly forms to the physical world. It's hard to explain why.


Salvage Saber

Ghost Salvage

These ghostly blades appear to have no substance, but when weilded in fury they can cut through solid objects. That's a mystery worth analysing.

Scent of Brimstone[]

Salvage ScentOfBrimstone

Circle of Thorns Salvage

The smell is terrible, but arcane texts indicate that a whiff of brimstone can awaken dormant magic powers hidden within other objects.


Salvage Scrolls

Tsoo Salvage

These scrolls record the spells the Tsoo use to summon their ancestors.

This salvage is used in the creation of the following items: Arcane Essence, Arcane Glyph, Magical Ward.


Salvage Sigil

Banished Pantheon Salvage

Banished Pantheon shamans draw sigils such as this one onto the skin of corpses. Only then can they be animated.


Salvage Spark

Cap Au Demon Salvage

Dr. Aeon has done everything he can to keep knowledge of the Cap au Diable demons from Arachnos. If he knew you were carrying evidence of their existence, your life wouldn't be worth much.

Spells of Power[]

Salvage Spells

Common Salvage

These incantations are stronger than any you have found before. Correctly done, they can enchant devices with deadly energies.

Spielman's Signet[]

Salvage SpielmanSSignet

Legacy Chain Salvage

Spielman was one of the original founders of the Legacy Chain; over the centuries, many of his descendants have died in the service of his cause.

Spirit Guide[]

Salvage SpiritGuide

Arcane Salvage

Even death could not stop the scholar Randall from completing his great work. This essential mystic resource lists every spirit type, from the Spectral Pirates from Cap au Diable to the ghosts that haunt Croatoa.

Static Charge[]

Salvage StaticCharge

Cap Au Demon Salvage

For some reason, this static charge does not dissipate. It is as though it has a life of its own.


Salvage Talisman

Circle of Thorns Salvage

Those who wear talismans such as this one seem to gain in magical power. However, those around them often suffer decreased power.


Salvage Tatoo

Hellion Salvage

This tattoo pattern if favored by the Hellions. It is rumored to unlock hidden powers.

Thorn fragment[]

Salvage ThornFragment

Circle of Thorns Salvage

This Thorn fragment seems to pulse in your hands. It must contain great power.

Tsoo Ink[]

Salvage TsooInk

Tsoo Salvage

This ink is used in the tatooing of the Green Ink Men, famous for their supernatural strength.

Tuatha Furs[]

Salvage Furs

Tuatha Salvage

The Furs of these proud beasts bear an unusual scent, the artifact of their origins in the spirit realm.


Salvage Urmetal

Arcane Salvage

This rare ore comes from mines in another dimension.

Verminous Victuals[]

Salvage VerminousVictuals

Cabal Salvage

It takes a strong stomach to look at this vile stew. You can't be sure, but it appears that a Red Cap hat floats within the broth.

Weapon of Mu[]

Salvage EnchantedWeapon

Common Salvage

This rare weapon is an artifact of ancient Mu. It has survived the millenia because of its arcane energies. If this power is transferred to another shell it can make a powerful device.

Witch's Hat[]

Salvage WitchSHat

Cabal Salvage

The inner band of this hat is covered with small sigils of power. If you hold them in the darkness, these sigils faintly glow.

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