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Maiden Justice was a famous hero from the Golden age. Her daughter was the original Miss Liberty, a name passed down to her daughter's daughter, who is serving as the current Ms. Liberty.

Maiden Justice was one of the co-founders of The Freedom Phalanx which was founded on July 4, 1932.

Maiden Justice played a pivotal role in the creation of the Citizen Crime Fighting Act of 1937, a role that is documented on the Downside and Hyperion Way history monuments in Atlas Park.


Web of Arachnos[]

According to the City of Heroes novel Web of Arachnos, Maiden Justice and Statesman were married in 1932, which would make the current Ms. Liberty Statesman's granddaughter.

Maiden Justice was also a reporter and, later, editor for the Paragon City Free Press. Though this also happens to be the site that formerly hosted this wiki, this is merely a coincidence, as the Paragon City Free Press fan site was launched several months before publication of the Web of Arachnos novel. However, this history will likely be willingly integrated as part of the fan site.

The Furies gave Maiden Justice The Girdle of Hera as a wedding gift. Wearing it gives the user powers of the goddess. This was passed down through Miss Liberty to Ms. Liberty. It is the Liberty Belt that Ms. Liberty currently wears.

The Freedom Phalanx[]

According to the City of Heroes novel Web of Arachnos, Maiden Justice passed away at age 76.

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