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Major Richard Flagg is a City of Heroes contact located in the Portal Court neighborhood of Peregrine Island at coordinates (-1623, 0, -3602). Major Richard Flagg is a Respecification Trial contact.

Major Richard Flagg is the contact for the third Terra Volta Respecification Trial. Upon successful completion of the trial, the player can choose a power respecification as a reward.


US Army Major

One of the few military survivors of the Rikti Invasion, Major Flagg leads the troops massing to contain the aliens near the crash site. The major believes in that actions speak louder than words, and he expects those who work with him to perform to the best of their abilities, even when times get tough. He realizes that the future safety of the city, and perhaps the world, depends on the containment of the alien Rikti. He puts his whole heart into his post, earning him the unqualified admiration of his men.


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