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The Malleus Mundi (Latin, "Hammer of the World") is an Akkadian text. The tome was rumored to belong to various occult teachers and mystics throughout the centuries, but the last individual owner of the Malleus Mundi was thought to have been none other than Baron Zoria's supposed mentor, the infamous Russian mystic Rasputin (there remains a question as to if the two actually ever met). It has also been reported that Zoria separately discovered of the existence of the tome through the ruins of an ancient Knights Templar temple somewhere in Europe.

Ultimately, an attempt was made in World War II by the German military's Spezialwaffen Kommandotruppen, composed of members of the Thule Society. The archive, however, was moved by Soviet authorities to Siberia. Eventually it would return to its normal location, the Lubyanka museum in Moscow.

However, in August 2004, the authorities declared the book missing, possibly stolen. A few weeks later, the forces of Rularuu attacked Paragon City; the involvement of the Malleus Mundi was suspected, though this could not be confirmed.

The Malleus Mundi was next located in the Shadow Shard, where Circle of Thorn mages were using it in an attempt to bind Faathim the Kind. This attempt was foiled by a villain from the Rogue Isles under the leadership of Scirocco, who took the Malleus Mundi in an attempt to create a world free of villany; that plan was ruined by the same villain took the book from the Circle, and the Malleus Mundi faded and disappeared to someplace beyond the world.

As of current, the tome's location is unknown; the book itself may have been destroyed, considering the increasing number of pages from the book which are being found throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

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