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Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman.jpg
Zone Skyway City
Coordinates (261, 0, -7147)
Level Range 15-19
Introduced by Carla Brunelli
Introduces Jake Kim
Enemy groups Badge villain lost.png The Lost
Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork

Mark Freeman is a City of Heroes contact located in the Vista Plaza neighborhood of Skyway City at coordinates (261, 0, -7147). Mark Freeman is a Technology origin contact. His level range is 15-19.


Contact Introduced By[]

New Contact(s)[]

There's a noted weapons expert named Jake Kim who's in town trying to stop the spread of illegal weaponry. He is focusing his efforts on the Freakshow and the Family. Jake has acces to Training Enhancements.

Jake has a very specific agenda, but he can still help you clean up Paragon City



There are a lot of hackers in the world, but very few like Mark Freeman. Mark is a mutant, with the power of communicate directly with computers, and this makes him the most talented hacker on the planet. This amazing power has proven useful in several situations, but Mark has also made the government a bit wary of his powers. Mark uses his abilities to feed his own curiosity and, occasionally, to help heroes in need. He has taken a particular interest in the Lost and, like any tech geek, he's curious about the Clockwork King and how his technology actually works.

Initial Contact[]

Let's find you something to do.



Rescue Missing Officer[]


I just got a call from the police department; they've got a cop missing from his beat! I need you to find Officer Gary Steil. We cannot allow a decorated officer to be abducted.

Bring that officer back safe and sound.

Mission Objective(s)

The Lost must not be allowed to take the law into their own hands.

  • Defeat kidnapper and his guards


  • The name of the officer to be rescued can vary. Possible names include Gary Steil, Lance Hinton, Michael Hicks and Sam Perry.
Icon clue generic.png
Gary Steil's Story
When you rescued Officer Steil, he told you:

'All right, I'll admit it. The Lost bribed me to look the other way about a raid they were planning on a local munitions factory. I took their money, but I tipped off a hero anyway. When they found out I'd double-crossed them, they came after me.'

Notable NPCs

You will be taught to leave us alone!

  • Officer Gary Steil/Lance Hinton/Michael Hicks/Sam Perry (Hostage)

All right, I'll tell you the whole sordid story.


Badge villain lost.png The Lost


So, Officer Steil took a bribe from the Lost, then double-crossed them. No wonder they went after him! Only one thing troubles me: Steil said that the Lost wanted him to overlook their raid on a munitions factory. All we've ever seen from the Lost is random violence and chaos. Could it be that there is actually a method to their madness?

Free the students from the Clockwork[]


The Clockwork have overrun a recycling drive, trapping several students voluteers form Paragon City University in the building. They are probably just attracted to the scrap metal, but things could get nasty if they stay trapped in there much longer. Get over to the location I have marked for you and free those students from the Clockwork.

Your only objective is to make sure that the students get out of there unharmed. The Clockwork are probably just looking for scrap metal, but that might not protect those students if the Clockwork start to think of them as threats to their scavenging.

I never thought I'd see the day when recycling could put your life in danger. You've got to get those people out of there.

You hear the sound of about a half dozen voices over the drone of Clockwork gears. Most of them sound terrified.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Free students from Clockwork
    • 4 students remaining


Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork

Notable NPCs

  • None


This is what each of the hostages will say after being freed:

Student Volunteer: Thanks for the save, Hero! I can make it out from here

Student Volunteer: I was terrified until you showed up. Thank you!

Student Volunteer: I am so writing my next Heroic Studies paper about this

Student Volunteer: I told the others not to worry. I grew up in Paragon. I knew a hero would come.


Apparently, those PCU students felt pretty inspired by the rescue, Hero. I checked in with them and their families, and it looks like they've decided to continue helping the recycling drive, even after all that happened.

People sometimes ask how folks live in Paragon city. Events like this one today are the reason why people can live here, Hero. Events like this, and people like you.

Recover Manny's trophy[]


This might seem a little odd, Hero, but I have a personal favor to ask you. I have a buddy, Manny, whose house was recently raided by Clockwork scavengers. They stole all the metal in the place, including his track trophy from college. It's a 15-year-old hunk of scrap, but it's the only reminder he has of his life before the war, when he could walk. If you can recover Manny's trophy, I'd sure appreciate it.

Manny tried to get it back himself, but the Clockwork disassembled his wheelchair. He was able to follow them to an abandoned warehouse first. You can take out the Clockwork there if you want, but Manny really just wants his trophy back.

There's a lot of Clockwork in here, but tangling with them is not your priority. You're after the trophy, and you can't let these gearheads get in your way.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Recover trophy from Clockwork


Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork

Notable NPCs

  • Steampunk (Boss) (Cannon Prince)

Icon clue generic.png
Manny's Track Trophy
This trophy commemorates Manny's first place finish in the 100-yard dash.


Thank you, Hero. Manny's going to be so happy! I know it may not seem like a big victory, but this trophy you recovered is probably the only thing that kept Manny going after he lost his legs in the war.

Hit the streets and look for clues to the Lost's plans[]


I'm beginning to think that the Lost may be targeting their violent attacks on specific businesses and facilities. I'm hoping you can help me learn more. I need you to hit the streets and look for clues to the Lost's plans. If I'm right, there's much more to the Lost than meets the eye.

You can find large concentrations of Lost in Boomtown or Skyway City. You should start looking for clues there.

Temporary Power

Since the Lost are Paragon City citizens, I'd like you to use this Plasmatic Taser. That way you won't do any permanent harm.

Temporary PlasmaticTaser.png Plasmatic Taser Cone Energy/Smashing Damage, Knockback
This non-lethal plasma device is more effective than a normal stun blaster. It unleashes a cone of energy that knocks foes back. The Plasmatic Taser has 45 charges.


There is a Lost ambush upon accepting this mission.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Seek clues to Lost's plans
    • Defeat 15 Lost

Icon clue generic.png
List of locations
You found this list on one of the Lost you defeated. It lists several locations, including a bank, a water purification facility, and a military depot.


I have never been sorrier to be proven right. It looks like the Lost really are targeting specific locations for their attacks. They also attack a lot of unimportant sites in order to make their raids seem random. But there's no doubt about it: there's a calculating mind guiding the Lost. We need to find out what its ultimate goals are.

Go to Skyway City and take down a few Lost[]


I guess you've seen those Lost rectors preaching about their new order? It seems like the entire group is some sort of religious cult. In Skyway City, they've started swaying a lot of the homeless to their cause. I need you to get over to Skyway City and take down a few of the lost. Maybe we can convince the rest of the homeless not to join up.

You can find Lost pretty easily in the Gruff or the Land of the Lost.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Combat Lost in Skyway City
    • Defeat 15 Lost


Many of the homeless are desperate for a little comfort, it's easy to see how they can be swayed by the rhetoric of the Lost. But I think you showed them that the Lost are on the wrong side of the law in Paragon City. Combined with the City Council's new outreach program, your efforts may keep a lot of the homeless from wandering down a dangerous path.

Go to Faultline and defeat Clockwork[]


The Clockwork have been stepping up their activity in the Faultline region, stripping the abandoned buildings and the reconstruction sites of every bit of scrap of metal they can get to build more of themselves. The real worry is if they start to get into the dam. Clearing them out is a long term task, but every hero is needed to help keep their numbers down. The city needs a hero to go into Faultline and clear out Clockwork before they can do more harm.

Even though repairs have begun, Faultline can still be a dangerous place, Hero. You may want to bring some allies with you. If you can destroy about 20 Clockwork, that should help out.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Clockwork in Faultline
    • Defeat 20 Clockwork


Good job fighting those Clockwork, Hero. The last thing that stricken zone needs is those metal hungry machines eating away at everything.

Go to Skyway City and take some of the Lost into custody[]


I'm sending you out on a mission of mercy today, Hero. I want you to get over to Skyway City and take some of the Lost into custody. If our doctors can examine them in person, they may be able to figure out how to reverse the process that has altered the Lost so drastically.

In addition to helping these people, you should be able to alleviate the chaos in Skyway City. Typical Lost hangouts are Hide Park and the Land of the Lost

Mission Objective(s)

  • Arrest Lost in Skyway City
    • Defeat 15 Lost


Thanks, Hero. With any luck, we'll be able to help reverse the process that has turned these people into the Lost.

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