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You have been awarded the title of Marshal for your service to Arachnos. This has given you a 5% increase to endurance.

Accolade Power

Upon acquiring this badge, a villain will earn the Marshall power.

BA Atlas Medallions.png Marshal Self: +5 Max Endurence
You've been awared the title of Marshal For your Service to Arachnos. This has given you a 5 283172616ncrease [sic] to Endurance.

How to Get

Obtain the following badges.

V badge TourismBadge.png The Next Big Thing Badge   Exploration   Mercy Island, between Mongoose and Arbiter Richard. (-1215, 239, -153)
V badge TourismBadge.png Weapon of Mass Destruction Badge   Exploration   Warburg, on missile gantry. (-768, 144, 0)
V badge HistoryBadge.png Arachnos Rising Badge   History   Click on History plaques at the following locations:
  1. Sharkhead Isle (762.9, 32, -374)
  2. St. Martial (457, 34, 1233)
  3. Warburg (-1038, 99.5, -822)
  4. Grandville (1729.5, -459, 1514.5)
  5. Grandville (2766, -340, 793)
V badge StatureBadge3.png Paragon of Vice Badge   Accomplishment   Complete the Defeat all Arachnos Personnel mission from Willy Wheeler.
V badge FreedomPhalanxBadge.png Annihilator Badge   Achievement   Defeat the future Freedom Phalanx during Lord Recluse's Strike Force
V badge SnakeBadge.png The Mongoose Badge   Defeats   Defeat 50 Snakes.

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