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Maxwell Christopher
Maxwell Christopher
FBSA Agent
Zone Founders' Falls
Coordinates (1678.5, 9, 621)
Level Range 40-44
Introduced by Anton Sampson
Introduces Tina Macintyre
Enemy groups Badge villain nemesis Nemesis
Badge villain rikti Rikti
Badge villain council Council
Badges Badge stature 13 Meteorologist Badge


Contact Introduced By[]

New Contact(s)[]

Tina Macintyre works for the Portal Corporation. She has the most current information on the trouble out on Peregrine Island caused by unstable dimensional technology. She can offer Gadget and Relic Enhancements.

The dimensional instabilities on Peregrine Island are getting worse by the day. Be ready for anything.


FBSA Agent

Maxwell Christopher is from Missouri, as the joke around the Federal Bureau for Super-powered Affairs headquarters goes. His 'show me' attitude helps keep his feet, and those of his partner, Janet Kellum, on the ground. He took the Nemesis end of the investigation and made certain that Janet focused on the Crey. The legendary aspect of Nemesis and his fantastical devices don't impress Maxwell in the least.

Initial Contact[]

Glad to have you on board. Keep your eyes on the prize and we will get along fine. Nemesis needs to go down.


  • Inspirations

Badge Mission[]

Note: The Nemesis Weather Control mini arc usually becomes available after the main story arc. Teammates only need to be present in the final mission to receive the badge.

Find out why Nemesis is concerned with the weather[]

Defeat Nemesis troops for cover[]


The data you recovered has brought some really disturbing Nemesis operations to light. Analysis shows that Nemesis has spent a decade funding some kind of meteorological study. Weather patterns, climatology, that kind of thing. What the records don't tell us is why he'd be interested in that. I think it might be a good idea to find out why Nemesis is worried about the weather.

Nemesis still doesn't know about the records you recovered, so the first step is going to be building up a working cover story. We got lucky there. Automatons working for Nemesis kidnapped the noted climatologist Dr. Sam Frinkley, and you're going to start this off by shaking down Nemesis troops for information. To tell you the truth, we already know where Dr. Frinkley is. The lab where he's imprisoned is one of those I've had under surveillance since you found those Nemesis files. But we have to maintain the image that we don't know, or else Nemesis could figure out our source of information.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Nemesis troops for cover
    • Defeat 30 Nemesis

One of the defeated Nemesis soldiers actually did talk, but your cover is secure either way. Time to hit the research base.

Badge villain nemesis Nemesis

Icon clue generic
Dr. Frinkley's location
One of the Nemesis soldiers you fought told you:

All right, all right! I'll tell you where we took that egghead! Don't even know why Lord Nemesis wanted that one. Something about 'comparing independent observations'.

Defeat all in weather lab[]

Mission Objective(s)

You've found a hidden lab built into these caves. You can only wonder what strange work Nemesis is doing in this hidden place.

  • Defeat all in weather lab
    • Find Dr. Frinkley, Find weather data

You rescued Dr. Frinkley and recovered weather data.

Badge villain nemesis Nemesis

Icon clue generic
Weather data
The information you obtained from these weather computers could be used, in combination with other information, to locate Nemesis' other weather control stations.
Icon clue generic
Dr. Frinkley's story
It's astounding! Nemesis wanted me to confirm his own analysis of weather patterns for the last two years. It was a strange thing to ask, but I wasn't going to argue with that madman. He seemed pleased when his findings matched my own, and then he told me the horrible truth. The world's weather has been a little odd, but it wasn't due to the after-effects of the war. It's been because Nemesis has been controlling it! He's been in control of the world's weather patterns for the last two years! Now, he feels confident enough to use it as a weapon against the rest of the world!


I don't believe this, but it checks out! Nemesis has been in control of the weather worldwide for the last two years! Two years! And we've only found out about it now. He could parch fields, flood cities, sink fleets. The world could be at his mercy. Or it would be, if I wasn't on the case.

I mean, we. If we weren't on the case. Sorry.

The data you found and the data we have is enough; we should be able to pinpoint other weather control stations. But just taking them out won't be enough. We're going to have to subvert his weather control network. I'm going to send you to see Dr. Steven Sheridan. I'll call him, get him working on a way to reset Nemesis' weather control. Once you have that, you're going to need to reprogram one of the weather stations to reset the world's weather while other teams take out the other weather stations around the world.

Talk to Dr. Sheridan

Ah, Hero. Maxwell Christopher told me to expect you. I spoke with several leading experts both on Nemesis and on weather control theory, and I think I have a workable plan for you. by adjusting the settings in the manner I've outlined, you should be able to ease the world's weather back into an uncontrolled state.

Icon clue generic
The weather formula
These succinct but well-prepared notes outline what must be done to reset the world's weather patterns and remove them from Nemesis' control. Now all you have to do is break into a Nemesis weather control base and make the changes.

Defeat all foes in weather center[]

Mission Objective(s)

This base has been hidden deep beneath the streets, no doubt using the very superstructures of the city as an antenna for weather-controlling energy emissions.

  • Defeat all foes in weather center
    • 4 devices to reconfigure

You have reconfigured the weather control device.

Badge villain nemesis Nemesis

Icon clue generic
A hidden weather center
As you discovered this computer, you discovered a link to another weather center not in the information you have, one that was only recently built as a back-up control! If it remains intact, Nemesis could take control of weather patterns once more!

Mission Completion

You were able to reconfigure the weater control system, but learned of one more weather center that wasn't accounted for in your plan. You have to take it out!

Defeat all foes in weather lab[]

Mission Objective(s)

Around the world, other heroes are also striking against Nemesis' weather control centers. But if you can't take this one off-line, all their work, and yours, will be for nothing.

  • Defeat all foes in weather lab
    • 4 devices to deactivate

You have taken the last weather station off-line.

Badge villain nemesis Nemesis

Completion of this mission earns a hero the Meteorologist accomplishment badge.

Badge stature 13 Meteorologist

You have crushed Nemesis' weather controlling equipment.


We did it, Hero! Nemesis held the skies in his grasp for two years before anyone even knew, but you've taken them away from him. This has been a great victory against Nemesis! He'll be reeling from this for a while, but don't think it's the last of him. Nemesis knows how to keep a lot of plans running at once. But stopping one of this magnitude is a special occasion.

Story Arc[]

The Eternal Nemesis[]

This menacing metallic faceplate once belonged to none other than the Prussian Prince of Automatons himself. You keep it now, as a memento of the desperate adventure you called:

The Eternal Nemesis.

It all began when records you captured led to a connection between Lockhart Aerotech and the Nemesis Army. You raided a storehouse full of ammunition made by Lockhart for the Nemesis Army, and found the location of a lab where Lockhart had helped Nemesis test his latest alloys against military weapons. You delivered all of the evidence, and waited to hear the verdict in the Lockhart trial.

When the guilty verdict came down on Tyrone Lockhart, he bolted and tried to protect himself with Nemesis Army troops but you were still able to catch him.

Using files taken from Lockhart Aerotech, you found out that Nemesis often used the Sky Raiders to do work for him by having Lockhart Aerotech ask them to. One such incident was the recent abduction of an immortal man named Bentley Berkeley for reasons unknown. You squeezed the Raiders for information, but by the time you arrived where they had been told to drop Berkeley off, he had already been moved.

You went to rescue Bentley Berkeley, but found yourself in the middle of a battle between Nemesis and the 5th Column, who wanted revenge on Berkeley for helping to foil one of their plans. When you freed him, Bentley told you that Nemesis' scientists had wanted to compare his version of immortality to their own plans to make a person live forever.

The tensions between the Nemesis Army and the 5th Column erupted into battle as both sides took to the streets. You managed to handle the situation, and one of the defeated soldiers told you that Requiem thought the Nemesis Army so weakened by your recent successes that it could be taken over!.

With the Nemesis Army reeling, the prospect of Requiem taking them over and having Nemesis himself as a replacement for the imprisoned Vandal was too great. You had to help the Nemesis Army by disrupting the 5th Column's supplies and strategies. However, something seemed amiss.

Almost too late, you realized you'd been used by Nemesis! He'd only played at being weak while he subverted the 5th Column's robots and computers, and was about to take them over! You rushed back and forth and barely stopped Nemesis' plan, only to find out that you'd been deceived again! While you had been fighting and the 5th Column distracted, Nemesis had abducted Nosferatu, the 5th Column's mad biologist and the creator of the vampyri!

You moved quickly, and were able to capture Nosferatu himself from Nemesis' clutches.

According to Nosferatu's interrogation, Nemesis had kidnapped him for his knowledge of longevity techniques. According to Nosferatu, Nemesis himself was little more than a 180-year-old brain being kept alive by his armor, and now that brain was finally dying. Nosferatu's interrogation also revealed Nemesis was interested in Rikti brain altering bio-gel and Crey mind control technology. You investigated the bio-gel first, only to find Rikti fighting each other. An injured Rikti who had once been a member of the Lost explained the uses of the bio-gel in the Rikti transformation process, in part because of the threat of Nemesis and in part because you'd once saved his cousin.

You next tracked down experimental artificial brains stolen from Crey by Nemesis. Originally for use in the Revenant Hero program, you found a report comparing them with Nemesis' own designs for an advanced artificial brain. Now you understood the plan. Nemesis sought to replace the one part of his body that could still die of old age: his own brain! By transferring his mind to a vastly improved artificial brain, he would be immortal.

You attempted to stop the fabrication of the artificial brain, but were too late.

With only one chance left to stop Nemesis once and for all, you struck the small lab where the operation had taken place. You defeated a mindless shell that had once housed Nemesis, and then fought Nemesis himself, defeating the Prussian Prince of Automatons at last.

Or so you hoped. After all, if Nemesis wanted to fake his own death, he'd need an incontrovertible way of showing that he'd died. You'd already seen him manipulate his enemies to do his will, and with the ability to manufacture a new brain to house his mad mind, could even physical destruction truly stop Nemesis? Only time will tell.

Souvenir: The Face of Nemesis

Find solid evidence of the connection between Lockhart and Nemesis[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 1 of 16)


I keep finding interesting new things in the files you found detailing Nemesis' hidden business dealings and front companies. We can't move on all of it right away or else Nemesis will figure out where we got the information, but it can help to start an investigation. This time, it's helped on a big one. I don't know if you're familiar with Tyrone Lockhart and his company, Lockhart Aerotech, but he's been under investigation for a while for aiding the Sky Raiders, so he's a pretty bad guy. Here's where it gets good: it turns out that Lockhart Aerotech has connections to more than just the Sky Raiders. According to the records you recovered, Lockhart has had a long-running relationship with Nemesis. They've done manufacturing and prototyping for Nemesis for years, even before the business with the Sky Raiders. If we can find solid evidence of the connection between Lockhart and Nemesis, that'll take the case against Tyrone and the battle against the Nemesis off in a whole new direction.

I'll warn you though. This is going to be difficult, and it's probably only the start of something much larger.

Mission Objective(s)

This warehouse has seen a lot of use lately, probably from Nemesis Army troops picking up shipments.

  • Find evidence

You found some evidence.

Icon clue generic
Lockhart Aerotech business records
These business records seem to indicate that Lockhart Aerotech has been taking and filling orders for supplies from the Nemesis Army. There's mention of another facility where prototypes of Nemesis weapons are being sent for further research.


There will be an ambush after this mission and you automatically receive the next mission.


The evidence you found points to a lab where Lockhart was helping Nemesis test weapons. That could blow the whole thing wide open. You better check it out.

Find evidence in lab[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 2 of 16)

Mission Objective(s)

Though this looks like a Lockhart Aerotech lab, it only takes you moments to spot the Nemesis-designed equipment everywhere.

  • 3 pieces of evidence to find

You have uncovered solid evidence against Tyrone Lockhart and Lockhart Aerotech.

Icon clue generic
Security tape
The images recorded by the security system are potentially explosive. You see Tyrone Lockhart himself talking to Nemesis troops, conducting tests on Nemesis-designed equipment, and even conferring with what appears to be Nemesis himself. Several times he is even seen wearing a Nemesis Army uniform.
Icon clue generic
Military weapons
You found these weapons in a Lockhart lab. These weapons are the latest military issue, and seem to have been test-fired recently.
Icon clue generic
Military weapons tests
The records on this computer track tests made with the best weapons the military has against prototypes of new Nemesis armors and machines. The data gained from these tests would be invaluable for improving Nemesis' designs. For a military contractor, providing data like this to an enemy of the United States could be considered treason.


Ive seen what you brought back, and it's jaw-dropping. Oh, we have Lockhart dead to rights for sure. I'll get all of this to the right people. Check back with me soon, though. I'll keep you updated on the case.

Capture Tyrone Lockhart & his men[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 3 of 16)

Briefing The verdict on Tyrone Lockhart came down, hero. Conspiracy, aiding a known supervillain, even treason. They threw the book at him! He's not going down quietly, though. He bolted, and is currently hiding out with a bunch of Nemesis Army troops he had hidden in a Lockhart office, probably waiting some last-minute extraction by Nemesis. Hero, I don't want Tyrone Lockhart to escape. You're the one that found the key evidence, so I think it's only right that you get to capture Tyrone Lockhart.

Mission Objective(s)

The police have barricaded every exit from the Lockhart offices in this building and evacuated the surrounding floors. You're clear to go in and mop up.

  • Capture Tyrone Lockhart & his men

You have captured Tyrone Lockhart and his board of directors.

Notable NPCs Tyrone Lockhart (Lieutenant)


I saw the whole thing, Hero. Fantastic stuff, and it's just the start. I'm already on the phone trying to subpoena as much of Lockhart's records as I can before the NSA declares it all top secret. I think there's going to be a lot of very interesting information in there about Nemesis' plans and his forces.

Interrogate Sky Raiders[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 4 of 16)


I've started going through the files I've been able to get from Lockhart Aerotech. A lot of interesting things are already starting to turn up. It seems that Lockhart often used the Sky Raiders to do jobs for Nemesis, but the Sky Raiders didn't know who was really pulling the string for the most part. Seems Nemesis was trying to either absorb them or set them up as fall guys.

Anyway, I found that the Sky Raiders recently performed an abduction for Lockhart on Nemesis' orders. The weird thing is, I can't figure out why they must have grabbed the guy, and that got my interest. Nemesis never does anything without a reason, and it's usually something nasty. The victim's name was Bentley Berkeley. He's supposed to be immortal, and though I don't know much about him, I'm heard that he's helped out against the Council a couple of times. If you could find Bentley Berkeley, he could tell us why Nemesis might be interested in him.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat 25 Sky Raiders

One of the defeated Sky Raiders told you what you wanted to know.

Icon clue generic
Bentley Berkeley's abduction
One of the defeated Sky Raiders told you:

Geez, lay off! Yes, we grabbed that Berkeley guy. I remember it, because he was so polite the whole time it seemed really weird. We dropped him off at a warehouse, as per our instructions. I can't tell you much more because we didn't ask any questions, but I'll tell you where the place was.


Time may be running out for Bentley Berkeley, Hero. You may need to hurry.

Find Bentley Berkeley[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 5 of 16)

Mission Objective(s)

This old warehouse's interior has been recently refurnished and stocked with military supplies for the Nemesis Army.

  • Find Bentley Berkeley

You found information on Bentley Berkeley's location.

Icon clue generic
Bentley Berkeley's location
You found these transfer orders on a desk in the warehouse the Sky Raiders had been ordered to take Bentley Berkeley to. They order Berkeley to be moved to a facility for medical research and experimentation. While there's no hint to the facility's location, there's enough detail that you can probably find it with the information from Lockhart's files.


Nemesis had Berkeley kidnapped for medical experimentation? That's pretty sick, but I wouldn't put it past Nemesis at all. It explains what they want with him, but it still doesn't explain why they'd want to conduct medical experiments in the first place. Biology really isn't Nemesis' strongest area. With the information you found there and what we have in Lockhart's files I should be able to figure out where they might have taken Berkeley. Check with me soon.

Rescue Bentley Berkeley[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 6 of 16)


I was able to find where Nemesis' soldiers took Bentley Berkeley after the Sky Raiders handed him over to them. I think he's still at the location, too. All that you'll need to do is rescue Bentley Berkeley from Nemesis' forces. Not easy, I know. It gets more complicated, too. I still don't know the full story, but it seems that Berkeley was key to foiling some major scheme of the Center's, and now the Council wants Berkeley's head. Berkeley's become a bone of contention between the Council and the Nemesis Army, so there's a good chance that the Council may decide to make a shot to grab him. You'll need to be ready either way.

Mission Objective(s)

This lab was well hidden underneath the old warehosue. If you hadn't learned of its location, you would have never found it.

  • Find Bentley Berkeley

You rescued Bentley Berkeley from Nemesis' forces.

Icon clue generic
Bentley Berkeley's Story
After you rescued him from Nemesis' forces, Bentley Berkeley told you:

'I'm no stranger to getting kidnapped, but this was a bit much. Seems they weren't interested in what I knew, but in how I worked. They immortality, you see. Never understood it myself, just tried to deal with it. These fellas, though, they were all excited about studying me. Poking, prodding, vivisecting, all kinds of nasty stuff. So I'm pretty glad you got here before they start to get ambitious. Here's the capper, though:

From what I could gather, these eggheads already had a pretty extensive plan for making a fella live for a long time, but they wanted to compare what they knew against a live sample. Like they already knew what they thought would work, but wanted to double check it against, well, me.

Don't know if that helps you, pal, but you certainly helped me. Thanks again.'

Notable NPCs

Bentley Berkeley (Hostage)


According to what Berkeley told you, Nemesis captured him to study Bentley's immortality, and compare it to his own theories on immortality. We know that Nemesis is nearly 200 years old, but that was achieved more through cybernetic replacement than biology. Makes me wonder if Nemesis is looking to find a new way to extend his life.

The other big news is the Council saw you there. The Council and Nemesis have had an uneasy truce for a while, but this could be the spark that sets off a battle between them. If this is the start of a conflict between those two groups, it could get bad for a lot of people. I'll look into it. Check back with me soon.

Stop Nemesis/Council battle[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 7 of 16)


I don't know if Nemesis intended to start a war with the Council, but it looks like that might be exactly what's happened. I'm getting reports that Council forces are clashing with Nemesis Army troops out in the open, and they aren't paying attention to anyone caught in the way. The battle needs to be stopped, or at the very least the people trapped in the area have to evacuated.

Mission Objective(s)

You hear the sounds of men engaged in desperate combat.

  • 8 people to rescue

You've gotten people to safety and done what you can to stop the battle between the Nemesis Army and the Council.

Icon clue generic
A Nemesis soldier's story
After rescuing him from the Council, a Nemesis Army soldier told you:

This is all your fault, Hero! All of your recent successes against Lord Nemesis, trivial though they are to the larger plan, have made the Council think we're weak enough to take over. And your constant attacks distract our defenders! How can we do what is right and just in the eyes of Lord Nemesis when we are beset by so-called heroes like you and the monstrous armies of the Center and his Council fools!


There is an ambush before the start of this mission.


From what that Nemesis soldier told you and from what I've learned on my own, it looks like the Center has ordered the Council to strike directly at the Nemesis Army. We've done a lot to hurt Nemesis recently, so I guess the Center thinks that Nemesis has got to be pretty weak right now, This could get really bad, Hero. Whoever wins will likely be able to absorb a lot of other group's bases, material, and manpower. That could be catastrophic.

I've spent my whole career, hell, my whole life trying to bring Nemesis down. Now he's at the weakest he's been since escaping General Sherman in the Civil War, but I didn't think that something like this would happen.

Don't listen to me right now, Hero. You've done great. Just check back with me soon. I'm going to try and figure out how serious this conflict is.

Hit depot, find intelligence[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 8 of 16)


The Nemesis Army and the Council are going for each other's throats in an all-out war of conquest, and Nemesis seems to be losing. I can't believe it, but it looks like Nemesis's forces have been hurt worse than I even suspected by all the defeats you've handed him. At this rate, the Council will be able to absorb Nemesis's entire organization within a month. Then the Center would have Nemesis as a replacement for Vandal! They'd be unstoppable!

So, God help me, I need to ask you to help me, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but help me help Nemesis by attacking the Council. I've discovered a key ammo depot for the Council; I'd like you to hit the supply depot and scour it for intelligence.

Okay, you can either take out the weapons stockpiles or the personnel on the base. Either should work. You also need to find some intelligence that could help us target the next strike more precisely.

Mission Objective(s)

  • 9 weapons caches
    • Find intelligence

Icon clue generic
Review schedule
These orders pertain to an upcoming review of the operations at several bases, including this one. More importantly, the orders have the schedule of Field Marshal Bulech, a high-ranking vampyr and the leader of the Council's war effort against Nemesis. With this information, you could decapitate the Council's battle plan in one swift attack, but you'll have to move swiftly.


There is an ambush after this mission and you automatically receive your next mission.

Defeat Cassidy & his aides[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 9 of 16)

Mission Objective(s)

Deep beneath the old warehouse above, you've found a hiddn access to the Coucil base where Field Marshal Bulech should be, awaiting the review of his troops.

  • Defeat Cassidy & his aides

Icon clue generic

Notable NPCs

Archon Cassidy


With Cassidy under wraps, the Council's going to need to reorganize. I was hoping that it will be enough of a pause to even things out between the Nemesis Army and the Council, and some of the reports I'm seeing already are point to that. Still feels wrong, though. Like it was too easy.

Like it was something Nemesis should have been able to do himself.

Like it was something to distract us.

Oh no, Oh, no, No, NO! I'm afraid of something, Hero. Something bad. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I hope I'm just paranoid. But maybe I haven't been paranoid enough. I've got to check on this. Talk to me soon.

Take Council computer center[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 10 of 16)


This is my fault, Hero. We've been used. Nemesis was only playing at being weak. He played on the Council's sense of superiority, by allowing them to win the early rounds. He played on our sense of accomplishment and made us think we'd hurt his forces badly, then let us distract ourselves by attacking his enemy for him. Now he's on the counter-attack.

Fortunately, we still have some information he doesn't know about, thanks to you. Nemesis' counter-attacks fit a pattern hinted at in the research funding he's done to reverse engineering Vandal's robot designs and computer programming. I think Nemesis is planning to take over the Council's computer and robotic infrastructure and achieve a 'coup de tech'. The result could be as bad as if the Center had won. The first step to stopping him will be to prevent Nemesis from usurping the Council's computer network and taking over their robots.

Mission Objective(s)

This base is a hub of the Council's computer network. If Nemesis can take that over, it could give him control of their bases.

  • Take Council computer center
    • 8 computers to shut down

You took the computer center offline, now you need to keep Nemesis from taking over the Council's robots.


Badge villain council Council


Didn't actually shut down the 8 computers. Mission can be completed by clearing the level. You automatically receive the next mission upon completion.

Take Council robot center[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 11 of 16)

Mission Objective(s)

A secret passage concealed in the sewer system leads to this base. It looks like the battle here was long over. It's good you're here to start a new one.

  • Take Council robot center
    • 8 override devices to destroy

You destroyed the override devices and prevented Nemesis from taking control of the Council's robots.


Badge villain council Council


You did it, Hero. Nemesis won't be able to make an easy take-over of the Council now. I wish I had some good news to tell you now that you're back, but I'll give you the bad: We've been duped. Again!

While we were distracted keeping Nemesis from taking over the Council, Nemesis struck at his real target. He managed to kidnap Nosferatu, the mad biomechanical genius responsible for the Council's Cor Leonis and vampyri. I don't know what he wants with him, but this can't be good.

I'm tired of being Nemesis' pawn, Hero. I won't be used like this. I won't let him use us like this. I've spent my whole career fighting Nemesis, but I've never wanted to see him go down as much as I do right now. Talk to me soon. This isn't over.

Capture Nosferatu & his assistants[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 12 of 16)


At the conclusion of his battle against the Council, Nemesis managed to capture Nosferatu, the mad doctor responsible for the Council's Cor Leonis and vampyri. He used us, he used the Council, and now he plans to use Nosferatu. What Nemesis wants him for is still a mystery, but I think it may have something to do with Nemesis' early kidnapping of the immortal Bentley Berkeley and all of the weapons testing and data gathering the Nemesis Army been doing.

However, one this I know is that I have no intention of letting Nemesis get away with any of this. Thanks to the documents you found a while back and Lockhart's files, I have a pretty good idea of where Nemesis might be holding his latest prisoner. I want you to go in there and capture Nosferatu.

Hunting down one wanted criminal and fighting another at the same time feels good again. No helping one bad guy to offset another, just doing the right thing from the start.

I'm betting that Nemesis is using Nosferatu to work on something related to biology, probably involving artificial life extension. Any information Nemesis might get on that could cause a lot of trouble, so you'll need to catch Nosferatu and anyone he may be directly working with.

Mission Objective(s)

The exterior of this office building hides several secret levels housing a Nemesis-built research lab. Somewhere in here, Nosferatu himself is being held.

  • Capture Nosferatu & his assistants

You have captured Nosferatu, one of the leaders of the Council and a captive of Nemesis.

Icon clue generic
Test data
This report collects a great deal of data gathered by Nemesis Army forces during the recent conflict between them and the Council. It seems that Nemesis was using the war against the Council to test new weapons and equipment in field conditions. The report contains numerous notes on improvements to old Nemesis weapons and devices, and proposals for new equipment and weapons.


Badge villain council Council
Badge villain nemesis Nemesis

Notable NPCs


That's how you do it, Hero! Nosferatu is in Ziggursky under heavy guard. He's wanted for so many crimes in so many countries it'll take half a decade for them to figure out who gets to try him for what and where they'll hold court. From all of the reports from his guards, Nosferatu is acting almost like this is a vacation. I suppose when you normal job is working for the Center, prison could be kind of relaxing.

Now we just have to figure out what Nemesis wanted Nosferatu's expertise for. I'm going to hit every contact I have who might know about Nosferatu's interrogation, Anything that he lets slip could lead us a step closer to Nemesis himself. This isn't over, but it's getting close.

Hit the same base Nemesis harvested Rikti technology from[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 13 of 16)


I've found out a bunch of interesting things from Nosferatu's interrogation. It seems that Nemesis had abducted him specifically for his knowledge of life extension techniques. According to Nosferatu, Nemesis is pretty much a 180-year-old-brain and glandular system being kept alive in his powered armor, but those remaining biological pieces are dying. Nosferatu hasn't spoken yet about the final end of the project, but we know that part of it was testing that final product against Rikti biomorphing and Crey mind control technology. I'd like you to follow up on those angles. First, I want you to hit the same base Nemesis harvested Rikti technology from. Maybe we can work backwards to find out what he was looking to protect himself against.

Your goal is to find information there, not wipe the place out. I don't think anyone will complain if you do, but it's not a priority.

Longevity seems to be what's tying this together. If Nosferatu is telling the truth, we could be seeing Nemesis' last days now.

Mission Objective(s)

These caves are clearly being used by the Rikti, but it seems that the aliens are in the process of moving out.

  • Find clues in Rikti base
    • 2 pieces of information to find

You recovered a sample of the biomorphic gel Nemesis was working with and found out that it's used for brain alteration from a former member of the Lost who had been fully converted into a Rikti.

Icon clue generic
A Lost Restructurist speaks
Though it was difficult to speak using his changed voice, the former Lost member told you:

Vocal communication: Difficult. Rikti form: Unsuited to vocalization. Was once: Member of Lost. Am now: Rikti. Faction: Restructurist. Task: Bio Engineer.

Base attacked: Nemesis: Reason Theft of biomorphic gel. Gel used: Transformation process. Purpose: Neurological alteration of human brain to Rikti brain.

Now attacked by: Traditionalist Rikti Faction. Reason: reduction of human uplift rate. From me: Thanks for rescue.

My life: Not significant. Normal Rikti/human relation: Hostile. Reason for assisting you: 1 Threat of Nemesis. Reason for assisting you: 2 You saved my cousin once.

Icon clue generic
Biomorphic gel
The strange colloid contained in these canisters is used in the Rikti's transformation processes.


Badge villain rikti Rikti


If that bio-gel was used to alter human brains, that might explain some of Nemesis' interest. According to Nosferatu, he's pretty much just a brain in his armor anyway. The question is why would he be interested in defending a brain from it now? This all has to tie together, but I'm just not seeing it yet. There's still the Crey connection to look into. I'll get that lined up for you. Check with me again soon.

Find out what Nemesis wanted from Crey[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 14 of 16)


I've been looking into Nemesis and Crey. Crey may be under assault from all sides, but they're still trying to run a business. So when Lockhart Aerotech had to be split up, guess who came in to buy them up? That's right, Crey Industries. I can't say how much Crey knew about Lockhart's connections to Nemesis beforehand, but the way they're gunning for Lockhart's assets now, I'm guessing that their goal is to scour the company for any bits of Nemesis technology they can find.

We know that Nemesis was interested in Crey's mind-alteration technology, so I did some digging and found that Nemesis had already infiltrated Crey, and used the buy-out of Lockhart as cover to transfer a lot of data to some of his own labs. I want you to find out what Nemesis wanted from Crey.

With all the data about Nemesis' organization we have now, I can pinpoint where that stolen data went. The Nemesis forces had to abandon the research facility they were in originally during the Council conflict, and now they're holed up in an old office waiting to be transferred to a new base. You just need to get the data and take out the Nemesis troops who are guarding it.

Mission Objective(s)

This old office seems odd at first, until you realize that it's not old at all. All the damage and wear has been carefully faked! Clearly a hide-out for Nemesis' forces.

  • Defeat base leader & his men
    • Find a clue to Nemesis' plan

Find the stolen Crey data You recovered the data on artificial brains Nemesis had stolen from Crey.

Icon clue generic
A fridge full of brains
You found a number of refrigerated artificial brains that had been stolen from Crey by Nemesis' forces. The brains were marked as part of the 'Revenant Hero Program', and accompanying documentation shows that they were ready to be overlaid with tailor-made neural patterns and installed in an artificial fast-cloned body. Much is made of the improvement these will be over the traditional clone blank brain used in the Revenant Hero Program.
Icon clue generic
Dr. Hohenzoller's report
This report compares artificial neural engineering to Nemesis' own work. The author, a Dr. Hohenzoller, cites numerous ways in which his preliminary analysis confirms that Nemesis' designs far surpass Crey's best work.


Badge villain nemesis Nemesis


There is an ambush at the start of this mission.


Artificial brains?

Artificial brains.

It makes sense, Hero. I think I finally understand. Okay, so we pretty much always knew that Nemesis heavily modified himself to survive the ravages of time. From Nosferatu we learned that what little there is left of him is dying. So what would Nemesis do? Every other part of his body failed, he replaced it with an improved part he'd built himself. If his brain was finally dying, he'd do the same. If he decided to make a new vessel for his mind, he'd want to make it perfect.

He'd want to compare his design to someone who didn't age to make sure he was proof against that. He'd want to compare it against the best that the Council could produce or enhance, so he'd compare it against their vampyri and robots. He'd want it to be safe from even the advanced science of the Rikti, so he'd test it against their technology. He'd want to make sure that his work was not just superior to Crey's advances, but also immune to their mind control. And all the while, he'd be working on improving his cybernetic body, perfecting it to house his new brain.

I don't know if we can still stop him. I don't know if there's time. I do know that I'm willing to try. I've got to do some research. Talk to me again soon.

Stop Nemesis from making a new brain[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 15 of 16)


Nemesis' plan to make a new artificial brain for himself has to be stopped. The last thing the world needs is for Nemesis to become even more inhuman. With all of the information you've gathered, I've been able to pin down where they're synthesizing the artificial brain for Nemesis. I have warrants galore. You just need to stop Nemesis from making a new brain.

I want you to make sure that this process is stopped. Either shut down all the equipment in the lab or take out all of Nemesis' troops defending the place, either should stop the operation. With luck, we'll be able to not only stop Nemesis' plan, but also find out where Nemesis himself might be.

Mission Objective(s)

This base is full of activity. It was almost too easy to get in. Nemesis' troops must be too concerned with the final creation of the artificial to pay much attention to you.

  • Shut down brain lab equipment
    • 16 pieces of apparatus to shut down

You shut down the lab, but the artificial brain was nowhere to be found. However, you did find a clue on one of the defeated Nemesis soldiers.

Icon clue generic
Orders found on a Nemesis soldier
You found these orders on a defeated Nemesis soldier. Written on parchment paper in a precise hand, they supply partial information for the delivery of the completed artificial brain. The missing details would make it nearly impossible to find the location if you didn't have other sources of data to help fill them in.


Badge villain nemesis Nemesis


You shut down the operation, but since there was no sign of the artificial brain itself, we either stopped them from making it at all and just won, or it's too late and Nemesis already has it. I'd like to believe it's the first option, but that would just be too lucky. Those orders you found may give us a chance to find out. I can probably fill in the missing information from all the records and info you've gathered about Nemesis' organization. It shouldn't take me long.

Take down the Prussian Prince of Automatons[]

(Story Arc: The Eternal Nemesis: 16 of 16)


I was able to put it together, Hero. I know where Nemesis had the artificial brain sent. I think Nemesis himself is probably still there. This is it. The big one. An actual change, a shot at taking down the Prussian Prince of Automatons himself. He's killed untold people, destroyed lives, ruined nations, and held the whole world in terror for 180 years. He should be there for a while, probably recuperating from whatever strange thing he's done to himself, so you have a little time. When you have the people and resources you need, I'll give you the location.

The goal is simple. Defeat Nemesis and all the men and machines protecting him. You do that, this is all over.

It's weird. I'm kind of hesitant. I've spent all of my career, most of my life, chasing after Nemesis. Now that the moment's finally arrived, it doesn't seem real.

Mission Objective(s)

This small lab feels somber. You enter knowing that this could well be the final battle against Nemesis.

  • Defeat Nemesis & his guards

You defeated Nemesis, the Prussian Prince of Automatons, ending his centuries of terror.


Badge villain nemesis Nemesis

Notable NPCs


It's, it's over. Nemesis is defeated. I spoke with the crews on the scene, they told me that there was organic residue in the wreckage of both the mindless Nemesis and the Nemesis you fought. That means they couldn't have been fakes. They were the real deal. Nemesis is defeated.

There are still reports of Nemesis Army troops making attacks. It will probably take them a while before they disband. They'll still need to be defeated if they threaten people, but that shouldn't take long. I just can't believe it's all over. They might be closing my post soon, re-assigning me to more normal crimes. It'll be like a vacation. It just seemed too easy.

Too easy?

Oh no.

Oh, no, no, no!

Hero? What if we've been had? Nemesis always works in layers of deception. Plans within plans, right? What if this was one of them? If you were Nemesis, if you wanted to fake your death, but you knew that anything too obvious would be dismissed, you'd need a way to make sure that you really died, but could still get away. It sounds impossible, but what if that's what he did? Maybe he really did need a new brain, maybe he didn't, but what if the point of this was to make us know, or think we know, what he did? Then he lets us follow the trail of information, provokes other groups into massive operations that can't be ignored, and plays all sides against the other until he has everyone believing what he wants them to believe? Then he sacrifices a duplicate, and makes his escape.

Maybe it's far fetched. Maybe I'm rambling. Maybe I just don't want to believe it's over. But maybe, just maybe, I'm right?


Fight Nemesis Army[]


Nemesis' troops have been getting nervous lately. A lot of their morale relies on the feeling of being invincible they get from working for Nemesis, and you've really had a few too many successes against them lately for the to feel invincible lately. I'd like you to keep that pressure up. I don't have anything intricate right now, though, so I'd like you to put pressure on Nemesis' forces the old-school way. Find them, confront them, and defeat them.

It's really simple: just take out Nemesis Army forces wherever you find them. They'll get the message wherever you go and do it.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Fight Nemesis Army
    • Defeat 45 Nemesis

You've successfully put pressure on Nemesis' forces.


Badge villain nemesis Nemesis


I just got a call from the home office, Hero. A platoon of Nemesis soldiers just gave themselves up. That's never happened before. Ever. It's completely unprecedented in Nemesis' entire history. It may be part of a larger Nemesis plot, but on the one-in-a-hundred chance it's real, this is incredible, and we owe it to you.

Recover the records for the old Nemesis front company[]


Let's get to work. A lot of people like to forget that Nemesis didn't just disappear before his return. He's been building up his forces and his fortunes for a long time. He's an expert at keeping his work hidden, but that doesn't mean that he never makes mistakes. I've been tracing his financial network, and I think I've found a lead that I want you to investigate. Nemesis may have left a loose end unnoticed in the ruins of the Rikti War: an old front company that was in a building that was abandoned, but not destroyed. There might be records in there that could lead to other Nemesis fronts and projects. If you think you're ready, I could use someone who can go in there and recover the records from the old Nemesis front company.

Nemesis may have forgotten this place for now, but the moment it's breached you can count on his forces getting an alert. Bring anything you find back to me when you're done.

Mission Objective(s)

This office may look abandoned, but you can hear movement everywhere. There may be no one alive in this place, but there is something working hard at long forgotten tasks.

  • Find records in Nemesis Front
    • Seek records, 1 key to find

You recovered the files, and must now get them back to Maxwell Christopher.

Icon clue generic
Old records and files
These old papers and files trace out pieces of a complex web of companies and fronts Nemesis used up to the beginning of the Rikti War. With all of the records, it might be possible to get a good pictures of Nemesis' hidden financial network.


Badge villain nemesis Nemesis

Mission Objective(s)

  • Return with files


This is brilliant work. I knew you could handle this!

It's time to take the next step, but first we need to be sure that this is legit. Nemesis has been using sub-plans and subterfuge to confuse and misdirect pursuers for decades, and we can't be entirely sure that these records weren't planted by Nemesis for us to find as part of a larger scheme.

I can verify them, though, by checking against other suspected Nemesis activity we've learned about fron other sources. If there are any matches, we may have the real deal.

This could be just what we're looking for. According to the records, there should be a hidden weapons lab under this warehouse. The warehouse itself has seen a few big deals go down between Nemesis agents and Freakshow, and there have been Jaeger sightings in the area, too.

I want you to look for the lab beneath that warehouse. If it exists, then these records are a breakthrough. Or, at least, we can assume that they're probably not planted.

Mission Objective(s)

The rough exterior of this warehouse belies the high tech lab hidden beneath it.

  • Defeat all Nemesis in lab

You cleared out the secrey lab and proved the authenticity of the records you'd found.


Looks like the information you recovered from that abandoned front company checked out. The lab was there, it even had a fake Nemesis running it. Those duplicates cost millions; it's unlikely he would have wasted it just to put us on the wrong track. This is what I've been waiting a decade for. An actual, legitimate lead on Nemesis' operations! A lead he doesn't know we have. It's old, it may be out of date, but it's enough. If you want to face the worst Nemesis has to offer, this is it. This is where the battle against him starts for real.

Get the Doomsday Device![]


I got something from the Portal Corporation explorers across my desk. Seems that one of their exploration teams was trying to regain contact with a friendly dimension, but instead found a nearly abandoned world that was being overrun by Devouring Earth creatures. They also found a Nemesis Army expedition who were there to retrieve the doomsday device that had killed 70% of that world's population. The explorers couldn't stop the Nemesis expedition, but they got back alive and told what they saw.

That's where you and I come in. If Nemesis has some kind of doomsday weapon powerful enough to wipe out most of a world's population, we can't let him keep it. The records you found and reports of Nemesis Army activity have helped me pinpoint where they might be keeping that thing. All that left is for you to get the doomsday device out of Nemesis' grasp and get it to safety for analysis.

It's hard for me to even imagine a device that could snuff out 70% of the people in the world. Nemesis can't be allowed to have that kind of power. Once you've got the device, take it to Dr. Steven Sheridan. I'm sure he'll have some valuable insights.

Mission Objective(s)

Nemesis has built this high tech lab in hidden caverns deep within the Earth. You hate to imagine the dreadful experiments that have been conducted down here.

  • Get the doomsday device!
    • Find the doomsday device!

You located and secured the doomsday device. You now need to take it to Dr. Steve Sheridan for analysis.

Badge villain nemesis Nemesis

Icon clue generic
The Neurophagic Disruptor
The complex circuitry covering this fragile-looking sphere is burned out from the one time it was ever used. That one use was enough to burn out the mind of every living human being in a split second. This half-fused sphere in your hand is almost too much to imagine. This is a doomsday device.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Deliver device to Dr. Sheridan


I've concluded my analysis, Hero, and I must say that I'm rather shocked by the results. One of the mysteries we'd been trying to understand is what happened on that world? Who would have set off a device with so catastrophic a result? I now think we know. This Neurophagic disruptor is Nemesis technology. It's burned out and useless now, but I can say with near certainty that this was made by Nemesis. I doubt he'd be able to make another one, as there isn't enough of the required iridium isotope on this planet, but that's small consolation to the people of that ruined world.

This also coincides with observations our explorers have made, and your friend Maxwell Christopher has confirmed. Nemesis army forces from our world seem to be setting up a beachead or perhaps a colony on that now abandoned world. I'd hate to see that monster profit from all of this tragedy. We can open a portal to that world again, and over there you should be able to cut off Nemesis' access to that dimension. I'll call Portal Corporation and set the whole thing up. They'll need to construct a force field around a small portion of that world, in order to keep it stably linked to our own.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Alter portal devices
    • 6 portal devices to adjust

You've sealed off accesss to this dimension.

Badge villain nemesis Nemesis
Badge villain devouring Devouring Earth


Nemesis almost had an entire world to use as a base of operations, Hero. No doubt he was planning for the long term. What really sickens me is that he was willing to kill so many people to do it.

It got me thinking: why didn't he just threaten to use that device here? From the records you found, it looks like he was planning this for some time. I think I figured out why he chose that world too. According to Portal Corporation files, through some twist of fate the population of that world was mostly of African descent. To Nemesis, their skin color alone made the lot of them less than human. That monster probably didn't think twice about murdering them.

That's what Nemesis is, Hero. That's the kind of evil we're fighting against.

Defeat one of Nemesis' Rikti Automatons and bring back the evidence[]


These records you found are incredible, they've helped me put together so many of my suspicions about Nemesis' plans. it's not evidence, though, and that's what I want to talk to you about. You know that Nemesis uses robotic duplicates to infiltrate enemy groups, right? Well, the records you found seem to confirm that one of his infiltration projects has been targeted against the Rikti.

It's a wild thought, but if anyone could do it, it would be Nemesis. The problem is, until one of those impostor Rikti gets brought in, I don't have any evidence that I can take to my superiors. I've been able to track down where some of these Rikti automatons are likely to be. I just need someone to defeat one of Nemesis' Rikti Automatons and bring back the evidence.

I've marked a good place to go looking for one of those automatons.

Mission Objective(s)

The Rikti have grown accustomed to quickly setting up makeshift bases anywhere they can. It looks like these caves have been used as staging areas before.

  • Defeat automaton & nearby Rikti

You destroyed the Rikti automaton and gathered the debris.

Icon clue generic
Debris from a Rikti automaton
These parts and pieces were originally part of a Nemesis' Rikti imposter automaton. The engineering work is incredible, allowing this robot to perfectly mimic a Rikti soldier in every way. As you examine the parts, you have to wonder just how extensive Nemesis' knowledge of the Rikti truly is.


That Rikti impostor was amazing, and not just because it looked indistinguishable from a normal Rikti. Think about it: As far as we know, the Rikti communicate with some kind of artificial telepathy. So for the impostor to be able to pass itself off as a real Rikti, that means that Nemesis must not only understand their language, but also have a way to replicate Rikti artificial telepathy! It's the only way.

I was expecting that, though. I didn't tell you before because I wasn't 100% sure, but these records you found hint that Nemesis was working on an impostor Rikti almost 10 years ago, long before the war.

That's something to think about, huh?

Get track sample[]


I've been going through these old business records you dug up on Nemesis' front companies, and I've noticed something odd. It looks like Nemesis was heavily invested in companies that produced railroad tracks for decades, starting during the second world war and continuing until the late 90's. He went out of his way to make sure that his tracks were used in any major rail project. That's more than a little suspicious in my book. After the Rikti War he gutted the companies and let them fail, but I found an old warehouse that might still hold samples of those rails. I'd like you to get samples of those rail tracks and have them analyzed.

Nemisis still owns the warehouse through other front companies, so there may be opposition on site. You just need to get me a sample of those railroad tracks. Nemesis doesn't work to corner a market on something like that without a more sinister reason. Once you have a sample, take it to Anton Sampson over in Founder's Falls for analysis. I've worked with Anton before when I needed to decipher Nemesis' technology.

Mission Objective(s)

You don't know what to expect in here, but the key to a mystery is somewhere in this place.

  • Find track sample

You found a strange section of rail track. You must take it to Anton Sampson for analysis.

Icon clue generic
Strange Railroad tracks
Though this section of railroad track looks normal, a cross section reveals not only a strange series of layers made of weird alloys, but what appear to be circuitry imprinted throughout the length of the rail.

Get info from Anton Sampson

I've done an analysis of the track segment you brought. It's really something else. They look like railroad tracks, and will carry a train, but they have another purpose. They can be manipulated to send out signals that can interfere with electromagnetic activity. With the right tuning, they could take over electronics, or even potentially overwhelm brain activity. You'd need a vast amount of this stuff laid out in a network for it to be any use, though. Like, say, a railroad network.

Hold on, I have a call from Maxwell Christopher.

Yeah, Hero is right here.

Yeah, that sounds like the kind of equipment.

I just don't think it was finished.

Okay. No, it's not worth the risk. I agree.

All right, I have another mission for you. I don't know how he's getting the information, but your friend gave me a location for you to strike. He says it's probably the command center for this network. I don't think the project was finished, or Nemesis would have used it, but I'm in agreement that we can't take the chance. You're to go to this location, take out the base, and look for any kind of outline of the network. Good luck.

Mission Objective(s)

Though any legitimate businesses are long gone from this old building, Nemesis has remodeled a section of this place as a control center for his mind controlling rail network.

  • Defeat all in rail center
    • Find a rail map

You have taken the control center and found a map of Nemesis' rail network.

Icon clue generic
A map of the rail network
This map is a complete chart of America's railroad system, showing which parts of the railroads use Nemesis' augmented rail tracks. You notice that there are a number of gaps with completion dates, leaving sections of Nemesis' network cut off. Still, there are thousands of miles of Nemesis' altered rail tracks all over the country.


As far as I can tell, Nemesis never finished the rail network to his satisfaction. If it had been operational, he could have used the special tracks to send signals to override mental functions. Electric brainwashing, and it would have been completely invisible. Or, with enough power, he could have fried any electronics in the world. Pretty terrifying. I've studied Nemesis. My entire carrer, most of my life really; I've studied him. I know him as well as anyone can. What you have to remember is that Nemesis really thinks that he's a good guy. He thinks the world will be a better place under his 'benevolent' rule. So he doesn't want a nation of mindless drones. He wants people to love him of their own free will. Like pets. The command center's only record of him using it at all was during the Rikti War, probably to help kill troublesome heroes or protect his own bases.

This is going to take billions of dollars to clean up, but that's better than leaving it in his arsenal. This may just have been a back-up weapon as far as Nemesis was concerned, but it was a gun at the temple of every free mind of Earth.

Defeat Nemesis troops[]


It looks like Nemesis has noticed your rate of success against his plans. He's put an order out to make you a top target for his troops. I think it might be a good idea to do the same and show Nemesis that you won't be intimidated by defeating Nemesis Army troops.

You're just as tough as I thought, <player name>. Nemesis' forces are fair game anywhere they show up. What matters is that they know you're on the job against them.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Fight Nemesis Army
    • Defeat 45 Nemesis

You have successfully shown that you can handle whatever Nemesis sends against you.


Badge villain nemesis Nemesis


I've been investigating Nemesis my whole carrer, Hero, and I've seen a lot of other heroes who were to afraid to face him and his forces. I'm glad to know you have what it takes.

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