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Melee Partial Radial Graft is a power in the Hybrid powerset.


Incarnate Hybrid Melee Rare.png
Melee Partial Radial Graft
Toggle: Self +Regeneration, +Defense(All) per nearby enemy
This power grants the user a stacking Regeneration and Defense buff for each enemy within an 8 foot radius. The effect reaches its maximum strength at 7 enemies - these enemies will be taunted by this power. Equipping this Hybrid power grants a passive boost to Regeneration at all times. No enhancements allowed

Type: limited duration toggle, 120 seconds
Cast: 0 seconds
Tick: 0 endurance every 2 seconds
Recharge: 120 seconds, unmodifiable
Affects: 7 enemies, 8' radius, autohit

E color buff defense.png +1% defense on self Only enhanced by Agility or Nerve Alpha Unresistible
E color heal.png +33.75% regeneration on self Only enhanced by Spiritual or Vigor Alpha Unresistible
E color taunt duration.png +6.8 taunt on target Does not stack from same user Ignores buffs and enhancements Unresistible

Type: passive
Affects: self, autohit

E color heal.png +22.5% regeneration Does not stack from same user Ignores buffs and enhancements Unresistible
Crafting recipe:
Incarnate Hybrid Melee Uncommon.png Meditation Techniques Supercharged Capacitor Exotic Isotope 


Melee Partial Radial Graft is used as a component in the following recipes:

any Melee ... Graft any Melee ... Graft Genomic Analysis Meditation Techniques Thaumic Resonator  EnhncComb equals.png  Incarnate Hybrid Melee VeryRare.png
any Melee ... Graft any Melee ... Graft Supercharged Capacitor Nanotech Growth Medium Living Relic  EnhncComb equals.png  Incarnate Hybrid Melee VeryRare.png


Melee Partial Radial Graft was added in Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie.

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