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Melee Radial Genome is a power in the Hybrid power set.


Incarnate Hybrid Melee Uncommon.png
Melee Radial Genome
Toggle: Self +Regen, +Def(All) per nearby enemy
This power grants the user a stacking Regeneration and Defense buff for each enemy within an 8 foot radius. The effect reaches its maximum strength at 4 enemies - these enemies will be taunted by this power. Equipping this Hybrid power grants a passive boost to Regeneration at all times. No enhancements allowed

Type: limited duration toggle, 120 seconds
Cast: 0 seconds
Tick: 0 endurance every 2 seconds
Recharge: 120 seconds, unmodifiable
Affects: 4 enemies, 8' radius, autohit

E color buff defense.png +0.5% defense on self Only enhanced by Agility or Nerve Alpha Unresistible
E color heal.png +22.5% regeneration on self Only enhanced by Spiritual or Vigor Alpha Unresistible
E color taunt duration.png +3.4 taunt on target Does not stack from same user Ignores buffs and enhancements Unresistible

Type: passive
Affects: self, autohit

E color heal.png +15% regeneration Does not stack from same user Ignores buffs and enhancements Unresistible
Crafting recipe:
Incarnate Hybrid Melee Common.png Nanotech Growth Medium Detailed Reports Gluon Compound 


Melee Radial Genome is used as a component in the following recipes:

Incarnate Hybrid Melee Uncommon.png Meditation Techniques Supercharged Capacitor Exotic Isotope  EnhncComb equals.png  Incarnate Hybrid Melee Rare.png
Incarnate Hybrid Melee Uncommon.png Nanotech Growth Medium Biomorphic Goo Semi-Conscious Energy  EnhncComb equals.png  Incarnate Hybrid Melee Rare.png


Melee Radial Genome was added in Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie.

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