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Miracle is an enhancement set in the healing category.

The level range of Miracle is 20 to 40. Its healing/absorb/endurance enhancement is uncommon, and the rest are rare.

Crafted versions of Miracle enhancements can be made from recipes earned in-game.



level 20-40
A: uncommon
B-F: rare

A Healing/Absorb/EnduranceHealing/Absorb/Endurance Healing/Absorb/Endurance
B Endurance/RechargeEndurance/Recharge Endurance/Recharge
C Healing/Absorb/RechargeHealing/Absorb/Recharge Healing/Absorb/Recharge
D Healing/Absorb/Endurance/RechargeHealing/Absorb/Endurance/RechargeHealing/Absorb/Endurance/Recharge Healing/Absorb/Endurance/Recharge
E Healing/Absorb Healing/Absorb
F Recovery Recovery unique: one of this enhancement per build


Slotting more than one Miracle enhancement in the same power grants the following cumulative set bonuses:

Bonus for 2 Bonus for 3 Bonus for 4 Bonus for 5 Bonus for 6
E color recovery.png +2.5% recovery E color heal.png +1.875% maximum health E color heal.png +5% healing enhancement E color buff defense.png +1.875% AoE defense
E color buff defense.png +0.9375% fire and cold defense
E color buff defense.png +1.875% psionic defense


Miracle was added in Issue 9: Breakthrough.

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