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Overview Edit

These are the salvage items you can collect, but we either don't know exactly where they fit in yet, or are currently not dropping ingame.

Unsorted Salvage Items Edit

Items that are confirmed to exist ingame, and yet, we haven't been able to get one yet to properly categorize or fill out the data on.

Ancestral Weapon Edit

Salvage AncestralWeapon

Tsoo Salvage

The Tsoo draw much of their power from the ancestral spirits they summon. It is likely that one such ancestor forged this blade in life, making it a potent weapon as well as a treasured heirloom among the Tsoo.

Bone Fragment Edit

Salvage BoneFragment

Shivan Salvage

The bones of the dead are somehow absorbed into the Shivans' energy-laden ectoplasm. Study these shards for trace radiation and you'll learn much about these otherworldly invaders.

Fa'Lak Amulet Edit

Salvage FaLakAmulet

Legacy Chain Salvage

Fa'Lak amulets protect the bearer against harm from mystical sources. Many members of the Legacy Chain carry them -- often not for themselves, but for the people they wish to protect.

Headset Edit

Salvage Headset

Wyvern Salvage

This headset uses sophisticated scrambling technology so that messages can only be picked up by those with identical equipment.

Meat Cleaver Edit

Salvage Meatclever

Vahzilok Salvage

The ceramics used to form this blade allow it to remain sharp forever. Such material no doubt has many uses.

R'yleh's Rain Edit

Salvage RYlehSRain

Legacy Chain Salvage

These small vials of dark green liquid hold something called 'R'yleh's Rain.' Though recipes for the liquid have been recovered from Legacy tomes, it has never been successfully reproduced by someone who is not a member of one of the bloodlines of the Legacy Chain.

Shivan Ectoplasm Edit

Salvage ShivanEctoplasm

Shivan Salvage

The viscous goo taken from the fallen Shivan seems to still be alive. Left alone, it can move of its own accord.

Synthetic Organs Edit

Salvage SyntheticOrgans

Vahzilok Salvage

These synthetic organs are remarkable but unreliable. No doctor with any ethics could install such a device into a patient's body.

Not Ingame Salvage Items Edit

These salvage items are in the games files, but appear to not be attainable at this time. Names used are based on how they appear in the game files, and might be different from those eventually used.

Book Of Blood Edit

Salvage BookOfBlood

Cabal Salvage

This spell book is written in the blood of the Red Caps, the Cabal's eternal enemies.

Cloak Edit

Salvage Cloak

Circle of Thorns Salvage

The inks in which the Circle dyes their cloaks are said to have protective properties.

Demonic Chain Edit

Salvage DaemonicChain

Circle of Thorns Salvage

Circle mystics use these chains to bind the demons they summon.

Dagger Edit

Salvage Dagger

Circle of Thorns Salvage

This softly glowing dagger was used to draw the blood for a demon's tribute.

Ebon Claw Edit

Salvage EbonClaw

Circle of Thorns Salvage

This Ebon Claw is the grisly remains of a demon once bound to the Circle of Thorns, now banished to the netherworld.

Hatchet Edit

Salvage Hatchet

Unused Salvage

Advanced weaponry can be very effective, but there are some groups that actually prefer the simple brutality of handheld weapons.

Hellish Tooth Edit

Salvage HellishTooth

Nerva Demon Salvage

The flesh speared on these jagged teeth is black and smells of sulfur. Perhaps it comes from whatever hellish beasts roam the Nerva demons' home dimension.

Ice Shard Edit

Salvage IceShard

Winter Horde Salvage

No heat can melt this ice, an artifact of the Winter Lord's assault on Paragon City.

Kheldian Blood SampleEdit

Salvage KheldianBloodSample

Kheldians Salvage

Though merged with aliens, Kheldians still bleed. Their blood seems to have a strange texture to it, and the color isn't quite normal.

Nemesis Staff Edit

Salvage NemesisStaff

Nemesis Salvage

The Nemesis Staff generates immense power, though, like all Nemesis' creations, it is based on steam technology.


Salvage Spells

Circle of Thorns Salvage

It is said that the Cirlce has vast halls filled with tomes like this one. In this volume, several methods of ritual sacrifice are discussed.

Vahzilok Notes Edit

Salvage Notes
Salvage Notesold

Meat Doctors Salvage

The Meat Doctors have taken Dr. Vahzilok's techniques and combined them with the quick and dirty procedures perfected by the Freakshow. The result is a brutal efficiency.

Wolf Pelt Edit

Salvage Pelt

Council Salvage

Some say that magic is involved in the creation of the Council's War Wolves, but others insist that Kheldian technology plays a role in their transformation.

Saint's Medallion Edit

Salvage SaintsMedallion

Luddites Salvage

The Luddites believe that Dr. Aeon's Power Transfer System is corrupting their home. To their minds, faith is far more valuable than science.

Freakshow Scrap Edit

Salvage Scrap

Dark Freakshow Salvage

Bitterly cold to the touch, this metal was used to form implants for Freakshow fused with Nictus fragments.

Shillelagh Edit

Salvage Shillelagh

Red Cap Salvage

This little stick seems to cause far more harm than its size would allow. Deciphering the enchantments on it may yield something useful.

Tissue sample Edit

Salvage Tissuesample

Giant Octopus Salvage

An octopus this size is not natural! Surely something must have affected its growth.

Winter SalvageEdit

This salvage was added in spring 2006 as part of the assumed Winter Event 2007 as part of some content (most likely involving the promised holiday base decor) that was never developed with the move from Cyptic to NCsoft. Currently, these salvage pieces can only be assumed to have been destined for the Event Salvage category.

Christmas OrnamentEdit

Salvage ChristmasOrnament

Event Salvage


Salvage Candle

Event Salvage


Salvage Snowflake

Event Salvage

Ice CubeEdit

Salvage iceCube

Event Salvage

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