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Once an 'Easter Egg' in Sharkhead, now a prominent feature of Pocket D. The Monkey Fight Club features semi-random spawns (one NPC claims every 5 minutes) of Rikti Monkeys that fight each other in a cage arena. Around this cage is a multi-level viewing area to watch the fights. Also scattered around are Arena Terminals.


The monkeys that appear in the cage are color-coded to form three teams, Blue, Green, and Red. All of the teams appear to be equal in power and have three members. Each contender is a Rikti Monkey, but only fights using a basic brawling power and infrequently monkey gas.

The winning team is the last one with one or more standing members.

Blue Team
Darwin's Bane
Furious BoBo
Furious George
Green Team
Nigel's Friend
Captain Eeep!
Red Team
Banana Bandito
The Banana-nator
Thing Kong

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