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Monster is an Enemy Rank. It is situated between Hero/Arch-Villain and Giant Monster. Their exact con color may vary, and is usually in the range of +5 to +8 for their level. A Monster's level is not displayed in the target window, but can be discovered by viewing their descriptions.

By design, a single Monster is equivalent in power to 8 average player characters of the same level.

List of Monsters[]

Various Monsters can be found throughout the game. Most Monsters are found within instanced missions, but a select few can be found in persistent zones.

Persistent Zones[]

Peregrine Island, Monster Island, The Hive and The Abyss


Instanced Missions[]

Eden Trial

Abandoned Sewers Trial

Cavern of Transcendence Trial

Numina Task Force

Portal missions from Tina Macintyre