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Morben is an NPC in the Breakout tutorial zone of City of Villains. He is not a contact. His coordinates are (-2,097, -262, 502).


After this conversation seek out your next contact Sakai Tamaki.

It's possible you have a great future with Arachnos, Villain. Don't screw it up. One thing you should know is that you can extend the life of Enhancements by combining identical ones. You do this by clicking the Power Name in the Enhancements Management screen. There you can pick the slotted Enhancement you want to combine, along with either an Enhancement in your Inventory or another one in the same power. Then click Combine.

Your chance of success depends on the differences in level between the two Enhancements. Any Enhancements can only be combined twice. Every time an Enhancement is combinedit gains a +, extending its life by 1 level. If it has ++ it cannot be combine any further and must be replaced instead.

I've given you another Damage Enhancement so you can practise Combining if you want.

Now you must go out into the Yard and talk to Tamaki. He has been in direct contact with Arachnos and can explain the situation further.

To get to the Yard, exit the sewers through the grates at the end. If you're destned for greatness, this is your first step.