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Ms. Joan Waters is from the Rescue Ms. Joan Waters police band tuner mission. She is an executive at a large cable tv network that supplies much of Paragon City with its programming.

Her faction is Hapless Citizen and she is a Captive.


This hapless citizen is in over her head.


During the rescue
Bane Spider Commando: Then, we'll use your Cable system to beam out our mind control signal!
Ms. Joan Waters: Mind control by Television? Like we haven't been doing that for years.
Bane Spider Executioner: It's genius!
Bane Spider Commando: Time to switch your channel to pain!
Ms. Joan Waters: I think your service is about to get disconnected... by <Hero name>.
Bane Spider Executioner: I could handle this fight by remote control!
Ms. Joan Waters: Some people just don't understand how TV works.

When lost
Ms. Joan Waters: A little help here?

At mission end
Ms. Joan Waters: Thanks for the help. I'll have to get a marathon of your favorite show scheduled to thank you.


For the Television-obsessed amongst us, Ms. Joan Waters is an homage to one of America's longest running TV hosts - Joan Rivers.