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Mu'Ursis is a Mu Guardian in need of rescue. He can be found on the Recover the missing mystic and discover the reason for his abduction mission from Magus Mu'Drakhan.

He spawned as a Pet of the level of the mission owner +1, having the correspondant ammount of Hit Points, and a faction of Arachnos.

You don't need him to survive the mission, and there's not apparent penalty if he dies during it.


During the mission Recover the missing mystic and discover the reason for his abduction, Mu'Ursis will be found in the clutches of a Circle of Thorns Mystics. He will say the following:


Circle of Thorns Mage: You shall pay for your trespass, Villain!
Mu'Ursis: The form of your destructor approaches.

(once free)

Mu'Ursis: I'll fight beside you!


Mu Guardians pulse with the blood of their slaughtered ancestors in their veins. They have read unholy tomes, visited other planes of existence, and performed dark sacrifices too terrible to mention to become masters of the mystic arts.


During the mission, Mu'Ursis used the typical powers of a Mu Guardian: (Please note that Touch of the Storm and Sentinel of Lightning is not yet confirmed.)