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The Hydra that lives under Paragon City is rumored to be a refugee from this dimension.


One of two high level CoH exploration badges that are actually awarded as if they were mission badges. (The other is Shrouded) Multidimensional is awarded for completing either of two missions to the Hydra dimension given out by Tina Macintyre or a similar mission given out by Unai Kemen.

Currently this badge is bugged, and is being awarded simply for entering and spending a short amount of time on the correct map. For a while villains were able to get this badge because of the bug, but this ability was removed, and the badge was removed from villains who had it.

The easiest way to get this badge is by way of Flashback Arc but you need to be lvl 46-50. Go to any Flashback Crystal either in Ouroboros or your Super Group base, select the Category "Hero of the City (Level 46 - 50)", then select the Arc named "To Save a Thousand Worlds". The Multidimensional Badge can be obtained from the first mission in this Arc called 5.1 Find the missing scientists You do not get the badge just from entering the mission, you must complete the objective then upon exit you will receive the badge. The mission calls for you to find two glowies, very simple.


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