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This device monitors the motions of the planets and stars, allowing it to choose the most auspicious moments for weaving powerful control spells. These spells are necessary to bind the energies of all security devices in your base and keep them functioning properly.

Mystic Orrery

Additional Information[]

Price 2,000,000 prestige
Unlocked by Autonomous Expert System Plans
Energy Consumed 2500
Control Produced 1500
Crafted at Expert Forge
Salvage Required 38 Salvage MysticElement Mystic Element
25 Salvage MysticFoci Mystic Foci
29 Salvage ArcaneGlyph Arcane Glyph
19 Salvage ArcaneEssence Arcane Essence
9 Salvage MagicalArtifact Mystic Element
6 Salvage MagicalWard Magical Ward
Allowed Auxilary Oracle

Requires Communication Center 1 or Larger Control Room

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