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These are the natural salvage items you can collect.

Natural Salvage Items[]

Black Market Super Gear[]

Salvage BlackMarketSuperGear.png

The Family Salvage

The Family brings all sorts of illegal goods into Paragon City through Independence Port. Gear like this is just one of their many illicit money makers.

Body Armor Fragment[]

Salvage BodyArmorFragment.png

Common Salvage

The best advanced polymer armer on the Eastern seaboard is manufactured by Crey Technologies, but many groups seem to get their hands on it.

Ceramic Compound[]

Salvage CeramicCompound.png

Tech Salvage

Ceramic alloys such as this are used in everything from simple weapons to sophisticated robots.

CIA Files[]

Salvage Ciafiles.png

Common Salvage

Although years old, these pre-war CIA files reveals the identities of many heroes and villains. Valuable information indeed.

Data Files[]

Salvage DataFiles.png

The Family Salvage

These discs don't look like much, but someone took a lot of effort to encrypt the files on them. The Family in involved in all sorts of illegal deals, most notably Superadine dealing, so the info on these discs could be valuable indeed.

Exotic Compound[]

Salvage ExoticCompound.png

Common Salvage

This concoction looks like the work of a crazed alchemist.


Salvage Lens.png

Tech Salvage

This is an very fine lens ground from some pure crystal. Often used in the targeting sights of quantum guns and other weapons, such lenses are quite valuable.

Luddite Pouch[]

Salvage Ludditepouch.png

Luddite Salvage

The Luddites carry numerous items of interest in these small leather bags.

Military Intelligence[]

Salvage MilitaryIntelligence.png

Common Salvage

Some para-military groups are extremely efficient at gathering intel on their foes. The Knives of Artemis and the Malta Group are particularly adept at this.

Paragon Police Files[]

Salvage ParagonPoliceFiles.png

The Family Salvage

These files belong to the Paragon Police department. No doubt they were smuggled out by one of the officers on the Family's payroll.

Snake Fang[]

Salvage SnakeFang.png

Snake Salvage

The hollow teeth of the Snakes ooze venom -- just like those of real vipers. Though the creatures seem to have human intelligence and knowledge of human culture, they are clearly beasts.

Snake Venom[]

Salvage SnakeVenom.png

Snake Salvage

Snake bites often cause severe reactions in those with super powers. In Lord Recluse's eye, that makes them the perfect foe to test new arrivals against.

Tools of the Trade[]

Salvage ToolsOfTheTrade.png

Scrapyarder Salvage

The Scrapyarders wield simple weapons, but they do so with a passion that often gives them untold reserves of strength.

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