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Escorting other people is difficult, preventing you from effectively remaining unseen.

How to Get

This power will be applied to your character and all your teammates when an NPC is being escorted during an instanced mission.

Power Summary

Duration Active while an NPC is being escorted in an instanced mission, lasts until you zone
Effects Auto: -Stealth


Negative Stealth was introduced alongside the Invention System in order to avoid a bug when auto powers were slotted with +Stealth Enhancements. Auto powers can no longer be given +Stealth, so the presence of Negative Stealth is intriguing at best. Negative Stealth also applies when NPCs fight with you during the mission, such as Flower Knight in the Hero tutorial, which is not an intended effect of the power since ally NPCs would always follow you when stealthed in the past. Negative Stealth is currently causing a bit of a controversy between the developers and the community.

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