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Night Widow Nocturne is an Archvillain of the Arachnos faction. Nocturne seems to be the best and deadliest of the Night Widows deployed by the organization.

Heroes may face her:

  • in the mission Stop Nocturne and get the tape from Jim Temblor.
  • in the mission Draw out Nocturne mission from Agent G (where she shows up as Nightwidow Nocturne)
  • in the mission Destroy the PsychoChronoMetron! from Agent G


The Night Widows serve Arachnos as elite assassins and spies. It is whispered among their murderous ranks that a Night Widow code-named Nocturne may be the deadliest operative Arachnos has ever produced. No living soul knows any details of her history, just rumors of her ruthlessness and tales of her many victims. Some suspect that her only weakness might be her arrogant pride, but none have survived to exploit it.


During the Stop Nocturne and get the tape mission:

Before combat: Prepare the sub. I want to be in Grandville tomorrow.

Combat start: You pathetic worm!

At 75% Life: I will put you down permanently.

At 50% Life: Fighting me will be the last thing you ever do!

At 25% Life: I will not forget this!

Defeated: Emergency teleport. Now!

During the Draw out Nocturne mission:

Combat start: I will tolerate your life no longer.

At 75% Life: If this is your best, I hardly need to worry.

At 50% Life: I won't let you live.

At 25% Life: You insolent whelp!

Defeated: I can't lose now

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