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Officer Parks
Officer Parks.jpg
Zone Outbreak
Coordinates (-83, 0, 1,3)
Level Range 1
Introduced by Officer Flint
Introduces Sergeant Hicks
Enemy groups Badge villain contaminated.png Contaminated

Officer Parks is the second contact you will meet if you go through the Outbreak tutorial zone. He is located at (-83, 0, 1,333).

Introductions[edit | edit source]

Contact Introduced By[edit | edit source]

New Contact(s)[edit | edit source]

Use your compass or map to find Sergeant Hicks.

Information[edit | edit source]


Officer Parks has walked the streets of Paragon City since he was a young man. He takes great pride and pleasure in doing his part to keep the city of heroes safe.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

I sure hope you can help. First, let me explain how to use your powers. Your Powers Tray located at the bottom of the screen contains an icon for each of your powers.

Left click the icon to use the power, or right click the icon to learn about the power. You can use the Powers tab to add new powers to your tray whenever you receive them.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Mission 1a[edit | edit source]


Things are getting out of control, and I can tell you need to learn all about combat. First, I want you to learn about how tough things can be by talking to Professor Hoffman in front of the deactivated robots right in front of me. Then talk to Lt. MacReady for your combat lesson, then I want you to come back and talk to me.

Mission Acceptance

Professor Hoffman is standing right over there.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Professor Hoffman
  • Talk to Lt. MacReady
  • Talk to Officer Parks


Ok, so Professor Hoffman told you how to 'consider' targets by the colors, and Lt. MacReady showed you how to use your powers in combat by targeting something can clicking the power. Sounds to me like you are ready for a task. There's a riot going on and we need all the heroes who can help to lend a hand. I want you to take down 2 contaminated thugs in the Hot Zone to the Southwest, behind the fences.

Mission Objective(s)


Great job, you did pretty well back there. Let me explain more about combat. Most attacks deal damage, and the damage you can take is represented by Hit Points. You can see how many Hit Points you have left by looking at your Hit Point Bar.

If you end up with 0 Hit Points, you will have the option of teleporting to the Hospital.

Below the HP Bar is your Endurance Bar. Powers use up endurance when they are activated. When the Endurance Bar is empty, you'll need to wait before you can attack again.

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