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The Omega Team was one of two teams formed to fight the Rikti War in a daring plan known as the Alpha and Omega Gambit, devised by Dr. Science. The team consisted of 50 heroes, mainly magicians and/or heroes wielding artifacts, led by Hero 1. While Statesman's Alpha Team launched a frontal assault on the Rikti invaders, the Omega Team waited while invisible until the portal to the Rikti homeworld was clear. Once it was, the team ran through to close the portal to Earth once and for all from the other side. After a tremendous explosion, the portal was shut down, but at the cost of the presumed total loss of all but one member of the Omega Team.


Omega Team survivors: Glacia and Infernia

The only survivor of the Omega Team was the hero Ajax, who was caught in a Rikti stasis ray before he was able to run through the portal.

Or so it was thought. But recently, a couple of survivors have found their way back to Earth: Glacia and Infernia. After spending years in the Rikti Homeworld, the two sisters managed to come back by sneaking into a transport that finally brought them back. The knowledge about the Rikti and their homeworld they may have gained during these years is expected to be very valuable.

The final fate of the rest of the Omega Team, though, remains a mystery, except for a new warrior within the Rikti ranks...

Known Members[]


On top of City Hall in Atlas Park flies a flag crafted from Statesman's cape to honor the sacrifice made by Hero 1 and the rest of the Omega Team. A badge exists to commemorate this sacrifice.

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