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The Operations Center is the eighth Control Room a Group can purchase out of the twelve (12) Control Room sizes available.

The Operations Center measures 5x5 grids and has a cost of 5,000,000 Prestige.

This room allows one (1) Battery Base Item to provide backup power.

Two (2) Defensive Base Items can be placed in this room.

Note: Although the room is capable of holding two (2) Control-producing Base Items; Hidden Base Plots will only allow control to be draw from one (1) main Control Base Item. Fully utilizing two (2) main Control Base Items requires a Secure Base Plot.


Category CONTROL
Title Operations Center
Description This room can hold a huge amount of Control equipment. Some defensive items can be placed as well.
Price 5 000 000
Dimensions 5x5
Defense 2
Defense Aux Unlimited
Control 2
Control Aux 25
Battery 1
Storage 1
Anchor 1
Decorative Unlimited

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