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Operative Gruber


Operative Gruber is a City of Villains contact located in Sharkhead Isle. He is a special contact available only during the Winter Event of 2005, beginning on December 15. His coordinates are (-1,131, 0, -911).


Contact Introduced By[]

  • None. Operative Gruber starts assigns his mission immediately to all villains.


Arachnos Special Operative

Operative Gruber is one of the Arachnos Special Operatives involved in Operation: Scrooge.

Initial Contact[]

About time you showed up! Lord Recluse has a nefarious plan to demoralize the citizens of Paragon City, and we need your help to carry it out!


Steal Presents[]


Freedom Corps has been busy gathering presents for one of the charities in Paragon City to help build goodwill and holiday cheer. Bah! Lord Recluse sees this as the perfect opportunity to demoralize those people and make fools of the heroes who protect them! We've located a shipment of holiday presents en route to Paragon City. Steal these presents for the greater glory of Arachnos!

Let us give the gift which keeps on giving: misery!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Steal holiday presents
    • 4 presents to steal


Completion of this mission earns a villain the Scrooge Badge.

Badge holiday05 present Scrooge

Bah humbug! You've done your best to disrupt the holidays over in Paragon City.

Costume Part

Completion of this mission earns a villain the Stocking Cap costume part at the tailor.

Free Tailor Session

Completion of this mission earns a villain a free tailor session at the Facemaker tailor.

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