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Orange Name

  1. A Community Staff, Forum Administrator or Moderator who has special permissions on the City of Heroes/Villains forums. Posts made by these individuals will show up in a special section called Community Digest. Examples of such individuals would be Lighthouse, Cricket, or Arctic Sun. At this time, all previously oranged NCsoft employees are back to being red names.


  • From 17:29 eastern on December 17th, 2006 to 18:40 eastern January 11th, 2007, only developers were rednames. Lighthouse had, for almost a month, altered all NCsoft community representatives to be orange names. Later, with the addition of the Community Digest page, he altered them back due to orange clashing with the CoV color scheme, and the general tendency of players to still call Community Reps red names.
  • This change retro-actively altered all previous rednamed Community Reps such as Aura Manning, Vyvyanne and CuppaJo into being orange names, but at no time had they actually been orange names.

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