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PC Foreman

The Paragon Construction Foreman is an NPC near the door to the rebuilt Faultline zone, in Skyway City. He is not a contact. He was added with Issue 8.

The Paragon Construction Foreman will chat with his men by radio saying the following:

  • Sorry, friend, I got tons to do here. (If you talk to him)
  • Give me your status.
  • Yeah, the planners are here right now. Nah, I let the suits do what they're gonna do. I'll let you know if they come up with anything.
  • Look, mac, I understand you got a life, but we're ALL puttin' in overtime until we figure out what we're gonna do.
  • No. I don't want to hear about rituals or big groups of CoT. Forget them, they're gonna be the least of your worries if that dam breaks.
  • My wife's gonna kill me. It's gonna be another late night.
  • You want a WHAT?! We have a dam leaking and you're asking for a food break?
  • Well, we got some supplies out here, but not nearly enough if that crack continues to spread.
  • What did the surveyors said? WHAT?!
  • Look, all I am sayin' is, if we can't get the trucks in fast enough, there's gonna be problems. This is serious.
  • Are the crews in place? What? What do you mean? Send in some Paragon Police or something.