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Penelope Yin as ally


Penelope Yin is a young but powerful psychic who can be found first at low levels during the Overbrook storyline as a contact and NPC, and will show up much later in game as an ally, when the Rikti kidnap her and try to use her powers in their benefit.

The daugther of a humble shopkeeper, Wu Yin, Penny knows powerful people: she's a friend of the young heroes Faultline and Fusionette, she knows Doc Delilah, and she's the protegee of the villain Clockwork King no less, who has some of his minions guarding her and will even come to her help personally if the situation demands it. The nature of the relationship between both is currently unknown.

The end of the Faultline storyline hints that Penelope could have started being trained by heroes such as Aurora Borealis and Sister Psyche.

At her next appearance, during the Lady Grey Task Force, it seems she already has had some of that training.

During the Lady Grey Task Force, Penny has a rank of Hero, though she is actually Boss-class, with the appropiate amount of Hit Points of her level. Apparently, she has a variety of psychic attacks as well. She will fight the Rikti, but not the Clockwork, and they will ignore her completely.

Heroes and villains can find her:


During the Lady Grey Task Force:

When encountering the Clockwork King: The, Clockwork King? I sort of, um, called for his help.
I know, I know, but I panicked, and he's always been nice to me.
He's just, well, kind of crazy...
and obsessive...
and blames superheroes for everything that's gone wrong for him,
but he's really a nice guy. When he's calm,
and he's not calm right now.
So, I'm like really REALLY sorry, okay?

If lost: C'mon, Penny! You're psychic! How can you get lost?

If refound: ZOMG! That was way too close!

If defeated: To be added later


Penelope Yin is a normal girl who works at her father's store, enjoys talking to her friends and happens to be the most powerful psychic on the planet. Penny already uses her powers naturally, but has only recently had any combat training. Penelope has recently gained the protection of the Clockwork King, who thinks of her as his "Clockwork Princess".


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